When Sara Ali Khan accused Dad Saif Ali Khan of trying to sell his daughter on live TV


Eever since Sara Ali Khan made her debut appearance on Koffee With Karan with her father Saif Ali Khan, she has been a topic of conversation almost on every news platform with many declaring just how impressive she was with her sharp intellect. But what many failed to detect on Koffee With Karan was the segment where she accused her Dad of trying to sell his daughter on a Live TV.

Sara Ali Khan

This was during the Rapid Fire Round segment, which has often been a reason for plenty of controversies in the past. Several actors have courted controversies with their answers in this segment of Koffee With Karan in the past.

On Sunday’s show, while starting the segment, Karan asked Saif in the Rapid Fire Round, “The first three questions that Saif Ali Khan, Sara’s father, would ask her boyfriend.”

Pat came Saif reply, “Political views, drugs, what are your views on infidelity?” “Money would be a nice question to ask. I would ask that,” interrupted Karan.

“Money, how much money you have?” inquired Saif in order to confirm if this was was indeed what Karan meant.

Sara joined to say she indeed could imagine her Dad saying that. Saif commented with a laughter, “Got cash, take her.” This was the first time when Sara reacted with shock on her face as she said, “This sounds so bad.” Karan and Saif continued to laugh loudly.

Sara continued, “Guys, Abba (addressing Saif), people are going to watch this show.” Saif replied, “I am so sorry, rate card.” A shocked Sara said, “I am not for sale guys.”

When Karan turned to Sara to ask her Rapid Fire Round questions, she was asked about an actor who she wanted to date. She told Karan that she did not want to date Ranbir Kapoor, but she wanted to marry him. She said that the actor she wanted to date was Kartik Aryan.

“You want to date Kartik Aryan?” asked Karan. “I am sure he will not mind dating you. Should I take the proposal,” continued Karan.

Sara said with a cute facial expression, “Please tell him, now.” It was here when Dad Saif intervened and brought topic of money once again. He asked, “Has he(Kartik) got money?” Sara gave a stunned look at her father even as Karan Johar kept giggling.

Oblivious to Sara’s shock look, Saif continued, “You got money, you can take her.”

Sara repeated one more time, “You’ve to stop saying that. It’s wrong. Oh God. If my father is only saying this, then what? You win the hamper for saying that only, for selling your daughter.”

Sara went on to win the famous hamper. Her debut film Kedarnath is scheduled to release next month. The film, which also stars Sushant Singh Rajput, has already courted controversy after some right-wing groups demanded a ban on it.


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