When goofy pose of Nita Ambani’s daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta raised temperature in Swiss alps in holographic pants


Shloka Mehta recently dominated news headlines after her in-laws, Mukesh and Nita Ambani, decided to make her first birthday as the Ambani bahu extra special by releasing a special video. What had made that video even more incredible was the cryptic wink of her husband Akash Ambani, who almost indicated that the couple was soon expecting a baby in the family. Days later, Shloka is causing another round of sensation on social media after a throwback photo of her with husband Akash surfaced on the internet. In the photo, Shloka is seen posing for the camera while dressed in holographic pants and a furry jacket.

Shloka Mehta

It’s not clear when this photo was taken but many believe the viral throwback photo in question (see below) is from the couple’s pre-wedding celebrations in Switzerland. In the photo, Akash too is seen reciprocating Shloka’s goofy pose with an equal measure of intensity.

This is not the only photo showing the impeccable fashion sense of Shloka, now the daughter-in-law of India’s richest family. Only a week ago, the jaw-dropping price of her trendy heels had left Twitterati speechless.

Shloka’s parents are billionaire diamond merchants but that has not come in the way of the young Ambani bahu’s philanthropic activities. Not too long ago, a series of photos of Shloka distributing foods among Mumbai’s disadvantaged had gone viral. In the heartwarming photos, Shloka was seen personally carrying food that was to be distributed. In another photo, she was seen happily posing for the camera with some of the street children. At no point, did her body language give an impression of any sense of arrogance.

Shloka and Akash got married earlier this year with her wedding functions being attended by the who’s who of the world of politics, sports, business, and entertainment.

Both the Ambani and the Mehta family have known each other for a long time. Shloka, the youngest of the three children of Russell and Mona Mehta, had gone to the same Dhirubhai Ambani International School, where Akash also studied. She later studied anthropology at Princeton University and Masters in Law at the London School of Economics. While Akash is on the board of Reliance Jio, Shloka was a director on Rosy Blue Foundation and also runs ConnectFor, an organisation that helps NGOs get volunteers for various projects.


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