Rajat Sharma explains why he’s silent amidst controversy over ‘utter fool’ jibe by Arnab Goswami in alleged leaked WhatsApp chat


India TV founder Rajat Sharma has taken to Twitter to share a cryptic tweet raging debate over Arnab Goswami allegedly calling him ‘utter fool’ in a leaked WhatsApp chat with former CEO of BARC, Partho Dasgupta.

Sharma wrote in Hindi, “I am silent not because I have fewer words. I am silent because I still have my respect intact.”

The India TV founder’s cryptic tweet came amidst an alleged leaked WhatsApp chat between Goswami and Dasguptatriggering a full-blown controversy.

Goswami had allegedly written to Dasgupta on 14 October 2019 informing him about the appointment of former India captain Sourav Ganguly as the new president of the Indian cricket board. He allegedly wrote, “This really puts Rajat in his place. Gigantic snub. has zero clout and now faces inquiry got corruption in DDCA (Delhi District and Cricket Association). No need to be worried about him and his sub standard channel.”

When Dasgupta reminded Goswami that Sharma was still ‘on IBF board,’ the Republic TV founder replied, “Come on. There are many others there. Fact is he has no clout and you should not let his perceived clout affect because that’s gone.”

Goswami went on to say that other board member of the IBF (Indian Broadcasting Foundation) will also realise that Sharma had become irrelevant. He wrote, “They will know after this. He had announced he’s taking over the BCCINow he looks like an utter fool.”

This is not the first that Goswami has been found to be at loggerheads with Sharma even though both belong to the same pro-government eco-system of the Indian TV industry. In Last year, Arnab Goswami had launched a tirade against India TV founder Rajat Sharma and dared him to invite the former to his TV channel for a ‘one-to-one’ face-off. Days after calling Bollywood actor Salman Khan a senior citizen, Goswami had addressed Sharma as an elderly person.


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