Arnab Goswami launches tirade against ‘elderly’ Rajat Sharma, challenges India TV founder for ‘face-off’; days after calling Salman Khan senior citizen


Arnab Goswami recently launched a tirade against India TV founder Rajat Sharma and dared him to invite the former to his TV channel for a ‘one-to-one’ face-off. Days after calling Bollywood actor Salman Khan a senior citizen, Goswami addressed Sharma as an elderly person.

Launching a tirade against the Indian TV founder, Goswami said on his TV channel, “I have a lot of interest in having a one-to-one with Rajat Sharma. Mr. Rajat Sharma, call me on your channel. I want you to face me. Rajat Sharma ji, call me for an unedited LIVE show on India TV. I want Rajat Sharma to face me. He will ask me one question, I will ask two. He will ask me two, I will pose four, he will ask four, I will fire 15 (questions).”

Goswami also asked Rajat Sharma to not feel bad since he was a very senior and ‘elderly’ person. “This is our culture to respect the elders. But if someone lies about us, then I also know how to bring out the truth. So, please invite me on India TV,” Goswami continued.

Sharma-led News Broadcasters Association (NBA), whose members include prominent TV channels such as Aaj Tak, India Today and India TV among others, had welcomed the TV rating agency BARC’s decision to put on hold its release of weekly data on TV viewership. However, Goswami-led rival body, News Broadcasters Federation (NBF), had opposed the move. NBF’s members are mostly regional TV channels aside from Republic TV.

Sharma had also interviewed Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh the day the latter made a stunning allegation on the involvement of Republic TV into the TRP scam. Goswami has sent a legal notice to Singh claiming Rs. 200 crores in damages.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police have continued to grill several high-profile executives from Republic TV in connection with the TRP scam.

In another broadcast, he asked Sharma whether he will broadcast the news of his defamation notice to Param Bir Singh. He had also targeted Zee News Editor Sudhir Chaudhary asking ‘where has that TRP DNA fellow gone?’

Goswami had attacked Salman recently by mocking his age as he addressed him as a senior citizen.


    • Ur an idiot asshole …Mental instability mein tu hai asshole…Not Arnab…He may be attacked by assholes like u from all cornered…But he would certainly defend himself and his channel and emerge Victorious…Arnab Sir don’t leave any of ur detractors…Teach all of them a lesson…May Goddess Durga guide u in the right path and protect u from evils like Param Parajit Evil Singh….God Bless u Sir…From truly Indian

    • 80 Cr people of India have the same thought process as Mr Arnav Goswami- India First. So how many will you send to mental hospital ? It is easier to put anti nationals in mental/ jails.

    • I feel sorry for Arnab. Irrespective of his hyper aggressive reportage, his regular yelling matches with the panelists & his right wing ideology, he is a honest journalist who takes his work seriously. Being a journalist, he deserves to be respected & treated as equals to others. But, the media too appears to be divided.
      If Arnab is an Eunuch, I wonder how were you born.

  1. Mr.Arnab Goswami has erred by describing Salmaan Khaan as senior citizen . Salmaan Khaan is an aged person with childish mindset of revengefulness

  2. Kamaal hai! Ab BJP bhakt right winger channels ke aapas mein jhagda fasaad shuru ho gayi – Gadhe Arnab vs Sudhir, Rajat etc? Mazaa aa giya – chalo, let’s enjoy this dogfight between Modi chamchas! YAY!!!

  3. Arnab Goswami is an unethical journalist and a hypocrite. He shouts and try to malign one and all. But he can’t stand any criticism even if it’s true. If others follow suit like he did in filing case of defamation, thousands of defamation cases will be filed against him. He even tries to malign people who can’t put forward their arguments. Does he ever allow people in his show to speak? He is an arrogant and shameless fello.

  4. Arnab Goswami will be remembered for several decades as an outstanding journalist and an excellent tv anchor. Sub mediocres like Rajat Sharma are mear pawns in presence of towering personality like Arnab.

  5. Arnab Goswami is the new generation journalist who is a staunch nationalist his priority being the nation first. He is not puppet like other media houses. He has proved his mettle by founding his own channel after his unceremonious departure from Times Now channel. The majority of India’s population matches or in sync with Mr. Arnab Goswami. We like him.


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