Troubled by bindi bump, pregnant Mira Rajput takes to Instagram to share her woes


Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s wife, is pregnant with her second child. Her second pregnancy has been a great deal of media frenzy with paparazzi constantly tracking her movements. The prime focus of camera crew chasing Mira has often her baby bump and how she was carrying herself during her pregnancy.

Seldom has Mira disappointed the chasing camera persons. Unlike her first pregnancy, Mira has shown herself as a confident celebrity wife all through her pregnancy this time around. Despite not coming a Bollywood family, Mira has managed to build a sizeable fan base on Instagram, where she has over 1.1 million followers.

Her Instgram posts are often about she displaying her affection for Shahid or posting photos of her child, Misha, who will turn two next month. Of course she has also started to endorse products using her huge fan following on Instagram.

Not so long ago, Mira had taken control of her husband’s Instagram account and posted ’embarrassing’ photos of Shahid, but neither her fans nor hubby complained about her action.

Mira has also earned plaudits from fashion experts for her impressive dressing sense. It’s no wonder she had a go at the US First Lady Melania Trump, herself a model, for her poor choice of dress recently.

#nofilterlove ❤

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On Sunday, Mira told her fans how she was struggling to get rid of her another bump, which wasn’t remotely related to her pregnancy. Dressed in brown long sleeved top, she posted a photo of herself on her Insta story and wrote, “#aboutlastnight This weird bindi bump refuses to go.”

It’s not clear if Mira’s struggle with bindi bump is so bad that she needs to consult a dermatologist. But surely, one of her million plus fans should a solution to bail this affable star wife out of her misery.


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