Mira Rajput takes control of Shahid Kapoor’s Instagram page and posts embarrassing photos; we are not complaining!


We know that Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor make a perfect couple in Bollywood. Time and again the Padmaavat actor has expressd his public affection for his adorable wife.

Not so long ago, we saw Shahid desperately trying to hold Mira’s hand at the Mumbai Airport, even at the cost of facing embarrassment since his wife failed to notice his gesture. The two were spotted in Mumbai on Wednesday, when Mira posted a cute message with her photo with husband Shahid.

She wrote, “Happiness…beside me and inside me.” This was in reference to her pregnancy as well as her actor husband.

On Wednesday, Mira took control of her husband’s Instagram page and and began to post stories in a bid to explain his mood at different times. His first story made the announcement with the following message, “Insta takeover by me! What is he (Shahid) doing at the back..”

Her next story had a still from one of Shahid’s films, where the actor is seen shaking a leg. Mira’s caption read, “Aeeeee aaj mera holiday hai”

The subsequent Insta story had a photo of Shahid in an extremely happy mood. Mira’s caption sought to describe his mood with a caption, “Yaaaaas (sic)” The still appeared to be from Shahid’s live performance, where he attempted to engage with his audience.

Mira then chose a photo of Shahid in the famous Shah Rukh Khan pose with a caption, “Aaj Main Chill Karoonga.

Bollywood’s famous couple has always kept us abreast of their goings on on social media. Recently, Shahid had posted a cute photo of Mira hugging him from behind. The photo had become viral because of its optical illusion effect.

A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on

Mira is expecting her second child, who too is likely to be born in August this year. Her pregnancy has caused a great deal of excitement among Mumbai’s paparazzi, who’ve followed her every movement. Mira too has not disappointed them as she flaunted her baby bump with confidence. Although, recently she was seen hiding her baby bump, which had left her fans surprised.

Mira has also earned plaudits from fashion experts for her impressive dressing sense. It’s no wonder she had a go at the US First Lady Melania Trump, herself a model, for her poor choice of dress recently.


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