“Journalist or Roadies host?”: Not just FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, even Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed Arnab Goswami for theatrics


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami has had to face plenty of flak for his attempts to communalise the Palghar lynching even though the unfortunate murder of Hindu monks had no religious angle. This had led to multiple police complaints being filed against the controversial TV anchor, deemed to be a prominent BJP ally in the Indian media. Among those, who had slammed him included  FIR actress Kavita Kaushik and Mulk filmmaker Anubhav Sinha. Also lashing out at Goswami was Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait, who had likened Goswami to a host of reality TV show Roadies.

Arnab Goswami

Taking to Twitter, Kubbra had written, “Yeh journalist hai ya roadies ka host? His “guards” make better interrogators than the police. I mean why do we need law when we have you passing the verdict? It deeply saddens me, that I’ve said good things about you to introduce you on stage, you didn’t deserve any kind words.”

Kubbra was reacting to Goswami’s dramatic video claiming that he had been attacked by two supporters of the Congress party as he made his way back home from his office.

Days later, the Mumbai Police had summoned him to one of its police stations for interrogation, which lasted for more than 12 hours. Goswami was also not allowed to present his prime time debate show for his Hindi channel.

Goswami had approached the Supreme Court in anticipation of his imminent arrest in the case relating to promoting communal tension through his TV programme. The Supreme Court had moved in with lightning speed to hear his case out of turn and given him protection from arrest for three weeks.

Though the Supreme Court had made it clear that Goswami could not be arrested in the earlier case related to his controversial broadcast on the Palghar lynching, it did not give him protection from arrest in other complaints. A Mumbai resident has now filed a police complaint accusing Goswami of promoting religious enmity through his programme broadcast on 29 April.

Kubbra was last seen in Jawaani Jaaneman also featuring Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and Alaya Furniturewala, daughter of Pooja Bedi.


  1. This idiot who thinks no end of himself or rather considers himself a genius should be heavily punished,,, penalized and the channel should be banned and its licence withdrawn, a man who incites hatred is an animal and a paid pig,,,,,, no mercy should be shown to him,, his arrogance,, defiance and behaviour is atrocious and a disgrace to journalism

  2. Now where is tolerance gone. When Modi govt takes any action, lutyens, afraid gang, award wapsi gang cries of intolerance but when a journalist openly criticises misdeeds of some politicians and party you people want him arrested. He has no freedom of speech as a journalist. Is it not intolrence. Why this double speak and hypocricy

  3. So much hate for Arnub…
    I don’t know where these people hide when two sadhus are lunched and are beaten to death.
    Where these people go when Delhi faces the atrocities in the ne of peaceful protest and anti Nation and aanti Hindu slogans were shouted
    I don’t know what happens to the intolerance of these people when a leader of the AAP gruesomely kills an INLB officer in North East Delhi, Bhajanpura.
    Why doesn’t these people get saddened when the so called students of JNU break the statue of Swami Vivekananda
    What doesn’t these people shit a word from their rubbish dustbin mouth when a journalist got lunched by the STUDENTS OF JNU during SO CALLED CAA/NR/NPR protests.
    What happens to these people when the journalist like arfa khanum, Rana aayub praise Pakistan for being better than India, knowing tha fact that Pakistani army is behind all the terrorist attacks., etc??

  4. This arnab is a barking dog of the bjp and everyone knows about the channel and the owner. He tried his best to get a communal angle but failed so has to show his commitment to his bosses so took a turn and took the name of congress thought there would be rift between shiv sena and congress but even that couldn’t happen. When two sadhus were killed in UP after this there was no shouting from this fellow. So much of hypocrisy.


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