FIR actress Kavita Kaushik shares social media post demanding Arnab Goswami’s arrest after Republic TV founder blames Maharashtra Police for involvement in monks’ lynching


FIR actress Kavita Kaushik has shared a social media post on Twitter, demanding the arrest of Arnab Goswami after he sensationally alleged the involvement of the Maharashtra Police in the lynching of two Hindu monks in Palghar. Kavita has been menacing in her criticism for Goswami after he was accused of using disparaging words for Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Kavita Kaushik

This was after a Congress functionary from Karnataka shared a clip of Goswami’s TV broadcast where the Republic TV founder was seen blaming the Maharashtra Police for its involvement in the murder of two Hindu monks. While sharing the video of the Republic TV broadcast, the Congress worker wrote, “Arnab is today saying Maharashtra Police did the Palghar lynching! To deflect attention from BJP men caught in the lynching, Arnab is accusing cops. Request @OfficeofUT @AnilDeshmukhNCP & @DGPMaharashtra to take suo-moto cognizance & #ArrestArnab.”

Goswami had faced intense grilling by the Mumbai Police in a case related to hate speech by him. His interrogation has lasted for more than 12 hours. Goswami is accused of giving a communal colour to the Palghar lynching even though the Maharashtra Home Minister made it abundantly clear that the accused and the victims both were from the same religion.

Kavita had lashed out at Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami for disparaging comments aimed at Congress President Sonia Gandhi during one of his recent TV shows. Reacting to a video rant by Goswami, Kavita had written, “Seriously, how is this allowed ?? And students have FIR against them !? But this is OK ??? Seriously?”

Later, the popular TV actress was seen giving grief to right-wing trolls with her terse response.


  1. Time and again the bjp govt has refrained for pulling up this idiotic journalist ft om making hate speeches and inciting hatred,,, could someone from the bjp answer what relatuon he has with the bjp and why if someone else made similiar speech they would be imnediately arrexted or termed anti national, it is high time the govt shows and tells the nation why this partiality and who pays him for such behaviour,,,,, he has neither ethics nor class,, but is a paid pig of someone

    • Yes.
      But let’s go chronologically.
      First lets ask how much has Congress paid channels like NDTV, India Today, journalist Ravish kumar, shekar gupta, newspapers like ” The hindu, hindustan times, the herald , Indian express, times of india, and many more who have been doing chamchagiri for sonia.

      • Media was never ever such chamchas in history of India as we are seeing them. They certainly are being patronized by the ruling party for political gains.

      • Absolutely correct. Congress has not only got news channels, also they have Lawyers, so called pseudo intellectuals and some self international bodies as mouthpieces and also congress funded NGO’S, to propagate hatred between hindus and muslims. Shame on congress.

  2. Why only hue and cry against this journalist… Has he done anything against the “freedom of speech” judgement….if everybody behaves at their behest, it’s his right too…

  3. Modi=RSS=BJP, Only Stupid & fool will trust him for nation building and progressive India…
    Every day India is destroying and dividing by all means.
    Arnab=RSS=BJP Spoke person …He is not Jounalist but Mouth piece of BJP

  4. Arnab is a short sighted and short minded journalist. He is thinking modi will rule firever, when conhress in power they will shut him automatically. Useless fellow he is not even journalist loura journalist


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