“I will go crazy in fear”: Bhagyashree is frightened of Kapil Sharma, Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show stunned by domestic help’s revelation as veteran actress shares her own anxiety


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show was shocked to learn that her domestic help Bhagyshree was frightened of her co-star Kapil Sharma. While it’s a dream for anyone to appear on the Sony TV’s comedy show hosted by Kapil Sharma, Bhagyshree stunned Archana by revealing that she dreaded the idea of appearing on The Kapil Sharma Show. 

Archana Puran Singh

This was after Archana asked her, “Ok tell me one thing. If you are asked to appear on the stage of The Kapil Sharma Show, then what will you say?” Bhagyashree hesitated as he struggled to come up with a definitive reply. This prompted Archana to ask, “Why do you look frightened?”

Bhagyashree replied, ‘His is such a massive show. I will go crazy in fear. I am with you here all the time so it doesn’t bother me. I am the tigress only inside this house. What to say of Kapil sir’s questions. Oh my God. His guests are often in tension thinking ‘what should I reply?”

Archana said, “His questions have the answers hidden. But he asks them to entertain people.” The veteran actress added that she was only asking this question hypothetically and Kapil had not made any such offer.

Bhagyashree replied, “But, if you are in front of me, then I will have no tension whatsoever.”

Archana also revealed that many of her fans wanted to see Bhagyashree act in TV serials. This evoked quite an amazing response from Archana’s domestic help as she said, “please tell them that Bhagyshree acts only inside the house.”

Archana turned serious as she expressed her anxiety in the event that her domestic help indeed received offers for roles in TV serials. She said, “I started wondering ‘how will I send Bhagyashree alone on the sets?'”

Bhagyshree replied, “Don’t worry. This is impossible.”

While sharing the video, Archana wrote, “And she’s back….with her chatter and laughter. We had a fun make-believe conversation about how she would feel if she was on #TKSS. Dream big. It’s a motto that has served me well ever since I landed in Bombay with a suitcase in my hand. 39 years ago.”

Last month, Archana was left red-faced when she had to face the annoyance of her husband Parmeet Sethi during a live video shoot of her domestic help Bhagyashree. Archana often films her domestic help Bhagyashree’s antics but this was the first time it appeared to have left Parmeet irked. Both Archana and Bhagyashree were left perturbed and hastened to end the video recording abruptly to avoid a further flare-up.


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