Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show forced to abruptly end video shoot after husband Parmeet Sethi loses cool at Bhagyashree


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show was left red-faced last week when she had to face the annoyance of her husband Parmeet Sethi during a live video shoot of her domestic help Bhagyashree. Archana often films her domestic help Bhagyashree’s antics but this was the first time it appeared to have left Parmeet irked. Both Archana and Bhagyashree were left perturbed and hastened to end the video recording abruptly to avoid a further flare-up.

Archana Puran Singh

Archana was busy recording another episode of her off-the-cuff video with Bhagyashree as both women chatted reminiscing their long association. Bhagyshree recalled how she was content working with Archana even though at one point she had decided to walk out of the veteran actress’s house. Archana agreed that it was her mistake that she had not cared to understand her problem.

But Bhagyashree came to Archana’s defence saying that anyone in her position would have doubted the integrity of the maid since she had begun to skip work too frequently. Bhagyashree recalled how she had not shared the upheaval that she was experiencing in her personal life. This, according to her, was causing her to become erratic in her work commitment.

Archana later showered praises on Bhagyshree saying that she was a hardworking and intelligent person and could also discharge the duties of a district collector if she tried for the job. Bhagyashree replied saying that she wasn’t leaving Archana and her family until they fired her from the job.

The conversation soon moved on to the current COVID-19 pandemic and how Bhagyshree had not visited her village for more than three months. The young maid explained that it was good for her health and the well-being of those living in her village that she was not visiting the village as the COVID-19 situation assumed alarming proportions in Mumbai.

Bhagyashree thanked Archana for gifting her a smartphone which was helping her keep in touch with her loved ones back in the village through video calls. As she shared her excitement about using a smartphone, both the women burst into laughter. Suddenly Parmeet opened the door to express his annoyance as he said, “I am working.”

A visibly frightened Archana asked her maid, “Who was it? Ayushman (her son) or sir (Parmeet)?” Bhagyshree said that the person losing his temper was none other than Parmeet. She said, “Thank God I wasn’t louder. Or else, he would have made bharta out of me. I am running away now.”

Archana’s videos with Bhagyashree have become hugely popular on the internet during the nationwide lockdown. Meanwhile, the shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show is yet to start.


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