FIR actress Kavita Kaushik lashes out at Arnab Goswami for disparaging comments on Sonia Gandhi; asks ‘how’s this allowed?’


FIR actress Kavita Kaushik has lashed out at Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami for disparaging comments aimed at Congress President Sonia Gandhi during one of his recent TV shows. Taking to Twitter, Kavita asked, “Seriously, how is this allowed?”

Kavita Kaushik

This was after video of Goswami accusing Gandhi of murdering two Hindu monks in Maharashtra’s Palghar went viral. In the viral video, Goswami was heard saying in a fit of rage, “Your party and your party’s import from Italy, Sonia Gandhi, wouldn’t have kept quiet.  She is happy that two saints have been killed in a state government by her party. I am telling you. She will send a report to Italy to say ‘see I am getting Hindu monks killed in a state governed by me.’ She would get applauds from there (Italy).”

Reacting to the video, Kavita wrote, “Seriously, how is this allowed ?? And students have FIR against them !? But this is OK ??? Seriously?”

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Kavita also shared a series of videos posted by other users including comedian Kunal Kamra exposing Goswami’s inconsistencies on the issue of militant Hindutva politics. In one video, a user showed Goswami opposing the lynchings of Muslims in the name of cow when he worked for Times Now. His stand has, however, changed now after launching his TV channel Republic TV.

In another video posted by Kunal, Goswami was seen asking Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to go for his mental check-up. However, his stand changed after launching Republic TV as he showered praises on Adityanath.

Goswami’s controversial statement on Sonia Gandhi prompted Congress supporters to file a series of FIRs against him in various states. The controversial pro-BJP anchor had moved the Supreme Court, which wasted no time in providing relief to him by directing law enforcement agencies to not arrest him for at least three weeks.


  1. Is Sonia maino a god??why she is not questionable???she may be god to this fucking lady,,.MODI, AMIT SHAH IS QUESTIONABLE BUT NOT SONIA,WHAT A FUCKING SLAVE MINDWD GANG,THESE GANG SHOULD BE CRUSHED.

  2. This idiot Kaushik should also be defamed as Sonia for supporting an anti Sikh (1984), and an anti national party’s leader.

  3. Kavita you are absolutely right in taking your position on anybody’s views. This is a right given to you through the constitution. This right is not applicable selectively, it is applied uniformly. If Arnab has a view, so be it. Why is one so much agitated. The problem is nobody can question or have views about few people, are they anybody special or has the constitution vested them any special rights. India can question can have views.

  4. Is a 35 year dangerous seditious antitinational studying in JNU and plotting the death of India a mere “student”?? Seriously!!!! Is a dangerous politician involved in a mafia-type murderous attack on the largest media house owner of India simply innocent, because they are in government?? Seriously!!!! Especially when the police is being arm twisted by this politician not to name the party for this mafia hit?? Seriously!!!! Is this allowed. More important, can we allow political party bosses to become mafia bosses in a democracy??

  5. Who is kavita and why should not ask question to congress party and Sonia manio , where our secular party , student ,and new report where are they
    Rahul Gandhi said many abusing word to our pm because he have constitutional rights . So why no Arnab Goswami ask question to Sonia Gandhi. Why………..

  6. JKR is scraping the bottom of the barrel if it has to depend on someone like Kavita Kaushik to prop up its anti BJP line.

  7. It is clear that some group of people are least bothered about dastardly killing of one elderly frail man and two other innocent men accompanying him, by a mob of insane people in the presence of policemen. They are very vociferous in pointing fingers at one very reputable journalist who is doing his job and airing his views on tv. How many Indians are bothered about Sonia Gandhi, the lady on bail!!!

  8. How is it that Arnab is allowed to say what he wants about who he wants and is allowed to get away with it on the basis of being a journalist. Wow this country now has different rules for different people. If a common man had to say something about the present govt and its people then its wrong and you can be put in jail. People wake up and see the difference in our country today.

  9. First Arnab goswami resign from journalism and reporter. He has no right to be a reporter. he is shouting and screaming to support BJP for BJP unlawful work and spreading poison in community

  10. Arnab u think u have won the battle against M/S Soni’s Gandhi… She won’t respond… Everything will disappear slowly… Wait on…

  11. Arnab is the only best reporter to Indian network to all communities equally. One n the only one great, greater, greatest etc., keep it up arnab, don’t give up n don’t forgive Sonia n Palghar accident


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