After FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, Mulk director Anubhav Sinha takes dig at Arnab Goswami for communal rant controversy targeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi


Arnab Goswami found himself at the receiving end as filmmaker Anubhav Sinha targeted him for his recent alleged communal rant targeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi in one of his TV debates. The Mulk director’s criticism for the Republic TV founder came after TV actress Kavita Kaushik lashed out at Goswami for the same reason.

Arnab Goswami

Anubhav took to Twitter to vent out his frustration. His first tweet read, “Sorry I’m confused. What are the legal charges against Arnab. Loose talk against Sonia Gandhi??? Or inciting communal hatred????”

His subsequent tweet read, “I think we are getting it all wrong here and feel they are missing these details. They are not. They give a fuck and their narrative is ‘sold’ day in and out. The nuance is redundant now.”

He didn’t end here. In his next tweet, Anubhav sarcastically urged journalists to felicitate Goswami with a Lifetime Award at one of their award functions. “I have a good idea for all the ‘Journalists’. At one of your Award Functions, or actually all of them this year Give Arnab the Lifetime Achievement Award. Matter Ends!!! Cool na???”

Goswami has found himself in a spot of bother for his controversial broadcast after several police complaints were filed against him for allegedly inciting communal tension on the mob lynching of two Hindu monks in one of his TV debates. He was even interrogated for more than 12 hours in a Mumbai police station earlier this week.

Kavita had lashed out at Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami for disparaging comments aimed at Congress President Sonia Gandhi during one of his recent TV shows. Reacting to a video rant by Goswami, Kavita had written, “Seriously, how is this allowed ?? And students have FIR against them !? But this is OK ??? Seriously?”


  1. That female and this so called inexperienced male had a miniscule fame, a few seconds under the sun, if you will, and the head weight is visible. When the victims of lynching were from minority community, these limpets shouted from the rooftops that secularism is in danger. Now when the victims are from majority community, why the shameless silence. Republic channel calls the spade a spade and that irritates these virus in human forms. Other channels are jealous of his and his channels popularity with common people and they have been shameless in their silence and worse, saying 3 people were lynched in Palghar as an afterthought. History will record their names and deed with the contempt they very well deserve.

    • See you must know by now that the Palghar lynching happened due to rumours of child lifting and all those arrested are Hindus.. It wasn’t a lynching of Hindus by Muslims.. But arnab presented it as a communal lynching of Hindus by Muslims.. Thats the problem.

    • Patriotic means in Human ,Hate Mongers, Chatukari, Chamchagiri, Chaploosi , go down low as low fr Money , Fame, Name . He is a Intellectual Terrorists w/ DNA of Vultures. Who is responsible for Lynchistan Govt should pass the law Lynchistan is terrorism.who stop him. All are Humans. The law should be above Religions. Law should be blind. If Hindu Dies the open the eyes. When other Dies. Law close is eyes.

  2. Well if comments on this article is under moderation then one can expect only one sided comments, i am sure if it was another journalist other than him he would have stammered on his show missed out his prog , but Arnab did otherwise, you have the trolls trolling him when they r only good at typing and poking fun at others whereas they themselves are paying internet bill from their parents pockets. Its an eye opener for idiots like them to realise how an innocent person can lose his her life, cus the cops are part of dirty politics. Who cares what these idiots got to say anyways

  3. What if a minority owned channel does the same like the Godi Media? Inciting communal hatred is a crime against humanity.

    • Oh! You must know they are doing it day in and day out!!!
      It seems you are totally lost in your biased thought !!!
      I totally support ARNAB!

  4. This bastards are nothing but a paid puppet of khangress who’s only agenda is to insult hindus and act as a dalal of islamist, jehadis and naxal. That’s why they were all silent on pal ghar case and when arnab started out pointing their hypocrisy they all gone mad. Bastards

  5. What these so called film and TV personalities really done in life except entertaining people . They are not one who need to be intelligent and educated to entertain. We should not bother what they right because all they know is show off .

    • And the people like Arnab have created hatred and riots and nothing else.. sorry forgot to add that they filled your brains with holy cow dung..

  6. @Kavita whoever, were you born when “Maut ka Saudagar”, Khoon ki Dalal, Neech insaan, were used as objectives, or did you just learn to write? Arnab had raised his voice against ALL atrocities cutting across party lines, unlike many Presstitutes & so called Intellectuals from the “acting” fraternity. Great job of acting by you. This so called Anubhav Sinha & you should be given the Oscar for your contribution to SICK U LIAR ISM.

  7. The murderous attack on Arnab Goswami and his wife is condemnable. Is Sonia Gandhi behind it??? I don’t know. Should this attack be investigated?? Yes; but the Mumbai Police is OPENLY covering up this case. Hence, a CBI investigation is required. Why should the  Congress President not be investigated?? In fact even her name is fake!!! Can a National Opposition party become a Mafia party?? Is the Congress and it’s President above the law?? In Maharashtra, the Congress is in goverment and so is NOT ALLOWING an investigation into the Mafia type murderous assault. What does the  Congress President have to hide???

  8. Who the fuck is Anubhav Sinha and Kavita. I dont even know these creatures exists. Might possible that these creatures are from porkistan.

  9. Looks like Burnol has stopped its supply. All the andhbhakts need some as they cannot take that their godfather who fills their brains with cow dung got slapped on the wrist by the law.

  10. I am a neutral person. I do not support any party. They are all chors.

    However after reading the comments here I googled “Communist Palghar Mob” and I have only found statements from Sunil Deodhar and Sambit Patra, both BJP leaders saying that the mob was communist, and both statements are from before the list of accused was released. Nothing after the list was released.

    When it comes to Christians there are only random articles from Opindia and TheCitizen, both of which are not accredited news agencies. Both are unknown websites, and when I see their other articles they are all BJP propaganda and conspiracy theories. No major news agency or trustworthy person has made any statements regarding Christians.

    When I google “Palghar mob BJP members” I get: “The list of booth office-bearers in Gadchinchale village was announced on the official Facebook profile of BJP Dahanu Mandal. The first two office-bearers, Ishwar Nikole and Bhau Sathe, are the 61st and 65th accused in the list of criminals accused of leading and participating in Palghar mob lynching.” I find this to be the truth because the names of the accused, and the reasons why they are being called BJP members is clearly written. Also all BJP leaders have admitted that the sarpanch of the village is a BJP leader (even though thr BJP leaders say she tried to stop the mob). I find it hard to believe that in a village with a sarpanch who is from BJP, there would be Communists or Christians. It appears that BJP members killed the sadhus thinking they were fake sadhus that had come there to kidnap children.

  11. Swami Agnivesh was also attacked but no one opened their mouth in his defence. Why? Coz the attackers were from BJP.

  12. Still why Maino is not opening her mouth, otherwise crying in cases of anti patriots. 12 hrs.shows how much they are taking law into their hands instead of punishing the murderers

  13. Only sane comment is from Rajendra golwarkar… Hope everyone does some own research like this before blindly believing any news… Need more citizens like Rajendra golwarkar


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