Big relief for Arnab Goswami as Shillong Police put FIR against him on hold; actress Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait lash out at Republic TV founder


In a relief to Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami, the police in Meghalaya have put on hold an FIR filed against him for launching a wilful defamatory diatribe against Congress President Sonia Gandhi. The latest relief for Goswami came days after FIR actress Kavita Kaushik slammed him for his rant against Sonia Gandhi.

Arnab Goswami

The complaint against Goswami, who hails from Assam, was filed by the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress soon after the controversial anchor faced widespread condemnation for communalising the lynchings of two Hindu monks in Maharashtra’s Palghar last month.

Cops in Meghalaya have said that the decision to put on hold the FIR against Goswami was to comply with the order of the Supreme Court. Over 150 police complaints were filed against Goswami across India after he was seen to be launching an extraordinary personal attack against Sonia Gandhi on his TV show. Fearing imminent arrest by cops in Mumbai, where he resides, Goswami had moved the Supreme Court, which entertained his plea out of turn and provided him three-week protection from the arrest.

The development in Meghalaya will come as a huge relief to Goswami, who’s been facing considerable grief for his questionable TV broadcast in recent days. Another FIR was filed in Mumbai recently after a local resident accused Goswami of demonising the Muslim community during his TV channel’s coverage of the assembly of migrant workers outside the Bandra railway station in April. Goswami had made desperate attempts to highlight the existence of a mosque in the visuals even though the Muslims’ place of worship had no connection with the developing story. Fearing arrest in the case, Goswami had moved the Supreme Court once again.

Goswami has also faced considerable condemnation in the UAE, where the country’s prominent newspaper Gulf News demanded a ban on his Republic TV along with Zee News, Times Now, Aaj Tak and ABP News. Writing in its editorial, the widely circulated newspaper had written, “Hate propagated on live TV has a powerful impact especially when it comes from popular anchors. Authorities in the Gulf must take action against these channels, the preachers of hate, including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now. They must not be allowed to vitiate the social atmosphere of Gulf countries where tens of millions of diverse ethnicities and religious background work and live peacefully.”

The criticism by Gulf News followed a series of tweets posted by prominent Arab nationals against the alarming rise in Islamophobia in India.

In India, several entertainment celebrities including Kavita Kaushik, Mulk director Anubhav Sinha and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait had slammed Goswami for his shenanigans.


  1. Arnab is is cheap journalist. This guy think people enjoy his rattles but he is doing this to blackmail people for making money. No good people watch his channel.

    • Ur 100% right we all must watch only NDTV Ravishji & Burkhaji Dutt etc who r perfect journalists to bark vulgar comments on PM Modiji RSS etc & can’t with stand a word against them & their supporters of dynastic families & they can’t be punished !!????

  2. Arnab has gone too far..Politically and religiously bias..Oversmart..No journalism decorum mantained in his show..He drinks too much i guess before going live..

  3. Law also seems to be biased this clearly shows bjp is hand in glove with republic tv. Honourable supreme court also seems spineless

    • Really??!! Usual suspects with usual bigoted rants against anyone who is not part of Lutyen’s lobby. Shame ppl r so low on facts sthat they join a rant without full info. Counter Arnab with facts else stay aahhh..

    • If you don’t trust our honorable courts you do not deserve to be an indian. Better you immediately leave this country . People like you are virus spreading poisonous infection.

  4. Congress and their cronies have a history of silencing the people who ever spoke against their atrocities. Sonia and their stooges tried to harass Arnab but we the people of India are with him.

  5. Atleast there is one voice to condemn what the muslims are doing in the garb of minorities concession. How long the Majority community shall tolerate their mischief. It’s all the fault of majority community to allow them all along to grow up to such dimensions.

  6. The yellow press is so Yellow that it is so overjoyed to see the persecution of Arnab Goswami for speaking up for Hindu saints butchered by a mob, allegedly of Christian missionaries. In a Hindu country, Hindu saints are being butchered and this yellow press does NOT even have the guts to ask for an investigation!!!

    When a heroic journalist Arnab Goswami asks for an investigation, this yellow gang of politicians and journalists declare him to be a communalist and file 200 cases against him!!!???!!! Is Arnab a Communalist for asking for an investigation of murder and butchery!!!!

    This Yellow Press is like the Khangress; it has not understood that 75% plus of India is Hindu and now nobody cares for their yellow politics and yellow journalism. Can you imagine when 75% Hindus start voting together!!! Dear yellow politicians, your nightmare is happening and all Hindu votes are coming together. Yes keep the 18%; the 75% will teach you the time of your life. Prepare for 400+ seats in 2024.

    • Comment reveals Your upbringing. Your mentality is same as that of Arnab. Whatever may be the issue, he tries hard to give it a communal communal. Shameless chatukaar. Nowadays there is a competition, which anchor can be more communal, who can shout more. Shame on these people called fake journalists. Arnab is famous for fake video posts. Just for reminder…it’s becoming his habit from the time he was cought by Rajdeep Sardesai for posting Sardesai involved video as his own. Because he has no shame.

  7. Namaste,
    Its so ubsurb, that to speak the truth,to protect the innocents from the gaint phycological warfare intellectuals,which has become
    now a days so open & without fearing themselves,thinking their moto will fulfill by their speculations that the world is running as they think is very unfortunate.
    Its so simple to understand that whenever there is so much of tortures to the innocents then the powers of collective will from the seekers of truth brings an end to those power greedy intellectuals.

  8. क्या सोनिया से सवाल पूछना गलत हे गुनाह है कि इतनी पुलिस फरियाद पति पत्नी पे हमला करवा दिया गुंडों से वैसे ही सुधीर चौधरी के साथ हो रहा हे मतलब की यह आतंकवाद जिहाद देशविरोधी लोगो को सवाल पूछने वालो कि ऐसे आवाज दबाई जाएगी ओर सब चुप रहेंगे ये कैसी बात हे जब की तबरेज अंसारी की मौत पे तो गली गली हर सहर में दंगे हुए थे पुलिस पे पत्थर मरे थे आग लगाई थी ये सोनिया ये वामपंथी साले संसद से रोड पे हंगामा कर रहे थे तब किसी को कम्युनिस्ट नहीं लगा किसी न्यूज़ चेनल के खिलाफ फरियाद नहीं रवीश कुमार एनडीटीवी तो मोदी को गालियां दे रहे थे तो उनके खिलाफ कोई फरियाद नहीं लेकिन सोनिया को एक सवाल क्या पूछा इसमें ये जेहादी ये कांग्रेसी इतना हंगामा करने लगे गल्फ सिटी अगर इतना विरोध करती हे तो उनका विरोध हुआ तो भीख मांगेगे ओर यहां हिन्दू देश में साधुओं कि हत्या पे सवाल नहीं पूछ सकते अगर अरनब गोस्वामी ओर किसी भी पत्रकार के साथ कुछ भी हुए तो अब हम चुप नहीं रहेंगे क्युकी ये कांग्रेसी कुत्ते देशद्रोही एक सीधा सवाल पूछा कि हत्या हुई तो आप क्यों कुछ नहीं बोल रहे हो बस फिर क्या चमचे फरियाद करने गए मौलाना साद एक आतंकवादी हे उसने ये देश की हालत की हे अगर उस जेहादी आतंकवादी मानवता के दुश्मन को सपोर्ट करने वालो को सवाल पूछा तो क्या गलत हे पूरा देश पत्रकारों के साथ हे ओर ये को भड़वे बॉलीवुड वाले हे आज देख रहे हे हम आगे केसे अपनी मूवी रिलीज करते हो केसे तुम अब कमाते हो आज ये कुत्ते इतना हिन्दू का विरोध कर रहे हे तो उनको अब औकात दिखाएंगे हम साथ हे पत्रकारों के अब ये कांग्रेसी सोनिया उसकी बेटी या उसके गुंडों से हम नहीं डरेंगे अब अगर उसने कुछ किया तो परिणाम बहुत गंभीर आएंगे जिसमे सोनिया ओर गांधी परिवार का अस्तित्व ख़तम हो सकता है

  9. So called ” janta ka reporter” please correct ur statement like “fearing arrest from mumbai police arnab approach SC”..
    If someone approach SC for the protection of their FR is it called fearing or what?
    Its a right which is given in constitution under article 32. Your ideology are clearly described by the way of statement you have should not be biased and if u called janta ka reporter then behave like one..
    Morever about gulf news…who cares what they think..if we rely upon the view of some other country media also then we are not different from puppets…so please dont behave like a puppets…
    Lastly,what arnab did was little bit arrogant type but what he did was really commendable…everyone should have the guts especially media person..

  10. When Muslim or Christian are attacked entire pro Congress media make huge cry. Gujarat incident. When they burnt saint in the train and on response Muslims were burnt entire media were shouting in support of Muslim. What type of democracy is this. The Congress right from independence is playing this dirty in the name of secularism. Today Hindus are coming out and expressing their feelings and these sickular people back started burning. Only God have to save India from these sickular people. These two religions came from outside had ruined our country. Jai Hind.

  11. Kavita Kaushik and Kubbra who are they, they are idiots out for some cheap publicity and two minutes of fame, they are another Kashyap and Javeds, so called liberals but fascists of the highest order like Mussolini, to hell with these idiots, let’s not waste further time on these nincompoops and please increase ur strata by not glorifying People who are paupers of the brain, Thank you

  12. All flop actors are trying to be in limelight without any political wisdom. Their comments are not in line with their political thinking.rather their biasedness & prejudiced attitude.

  13. This terrorist of hindutva deserves the same treatment as the rapists of nirbhaya, extremists like arnab are cancer to India and it’s democracy, please hang him in a public platform so the normal Indians can have there faith restored in democracy of India which is in shambles because of hindutva terrorists.

  14. Matter being subjudice it will not bein the fitness of things to comment either way.My only observations is that actors and film stars considering themselves as know all and be all on any and every thing under the sun is not proper.They should desist from giving their opinion on everything and anything is not proper.

  15. I like Arnab style and his fearlessness not everyone has that kind of guts . These people openly say they will convert India into Muslim country and country should embrace Islam why no action against such people .India is secular for all religions but when it comes to Hinduism everything becomes religiously motivated .India is Hindu country some political idiots made it secular ; now this secularism is coming very heavily on Hindus.

  16. Who is this Kavita and Kubra and all what are they?
    Why is the publicity given to these nuts.
    Arnab is doing a great job just keep it up we are with you.

  17. One of the Cheapest Journalist in India is Arnab Goswami. His news are bringing rifts and spreading communal disharmony. His news and debates clearly says He is a Big Mouth of a Particular Political Party and an accuser of all the Opposition Party. Most of debates are not of National Interest but of Political and Communal Interest.

    Indian Constitution should Ban his channel in India. He has now become a threat to the society.

  18. His debate has now-a-days become a platform for Communal disharmony and spreading Communal hatred. There is no national or Social interest seen in his debates.

    He was once a well dignified Journalist now has turn totally to a cheap one. The news in his channel and the debates are clearly stating that he is an enemy of the opposition parties and a friend of a specific party.

  19. On the contra3, he got nationwide support, ,#isupportarnab was on trending….. If it happens so most of the reporters will go in jail for raising questions #freedom of speech
    Seems lopsided reporting here also …

  20. Only true journalist in the country ….end of hate politics.. India fighting against covid 19 and Congress fighting with what God knows only. ANY WAY PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY KNOWS ALL THIS SO CLEARLY…AND 2024…2029…YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…

  21. Some idiots are still commenting in support of Arnab gau- Swamy, even though he is spreading hatred, spreading fake news and he has been accused in abetment of suicide of mother and son a interior designer in 2018. His name is mentioned in suicide note….you all are the same category of Arnab !

    • Shame on people like you who always wants miniorities to say rubbish whatever and whenever they want. Congress has been giving this freedom for its vote bank. This party has killed our country and now Modi ji is taking the corrective actions. Had Arnab Goswami has spoken in favour of real idiots existing in our country, would have earned respect. But he is a true journalist and not a designer one, has exposed the reality which can’t be digested by real idiots .Shame on them. They should not be called Bhartiya.

  22. Height of hyppocracy, few leftist and muslims, are passed as wide spread condemnation. International media has lost total credability for most of the indians. It was proven in 2014, these fake people slapped left and right in 2019 and it will be repeated in 2024. These so called spokes persons for indians will be exposed again. These maskots of currupt congress and leftist would sliwoy be wiped out of indian map. Tge days are numbered for ranting against true india. The darlings of western press mob, likes of Ravish, Kanhiya, Burkha dutt etc. have zero credability / always twisting tge facts to show negativity and not the true picture. The more they expose themseleves, more popular modi and BJP will be.


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