Arnab Goswami stoops to another low, addresses his guest as swine after being called BJP’s agent


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami has often faced criticism for causing disrepute to the profession of journalism with his incredibly biased coverage of political developments. Goswami is now facing fresh criticism for calling his guest ‘Mr Swine’ after the panelist from Sweden, a reputed academic, called the Republic TV founder ‘BJP’s agent.’

Arnab Goswami

Goswami was discussing the controversy over Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship with his usual guests on Tuesday. He had also invited Sweden-based Ashok Swain to take part in the debate. Swain is a known critic of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All through the show, Goswami kept referring to Swain and ‘Mr Swine’ since Swain had asked him not to work as a BJP agent.

In one of his comments, Swain had said that all India needed to do was to write an email to the British Home Office to know if Gandhi ever held a UK passport or not. He said, “Arnab Goswami, I understand this is BJP doing, but you are acting as the BJP’s agent in promoting this fake news.”

The topic of Gandhi’s alleged dual citizenship had gained momentum after the Indian home ministry asked the Congress president to respond to the allegations made by BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday.

Irked by the ‘BJP’s agent’ jibe, Goswami addressed his guest as ‘Mr Swine’ twice. A visibly hurt Swain took to Twitter to write, “This is what made Arnab mad last night – I called him a BJP Agent for Debating on a Fake New about Rahul Gandhi’s Citizenship!”

Many detected a coordinated plan by Goswami to insult his guest since minutes after he had referred to his guest as ‘Mr Swine,’ right-wing propaganda website OpIndia’s Nupur Sharma tweeted gleefully, “Arnab refers to Ashok Swain as Ashok Swine and Mr Swine.”

Swain said that he had stopped going to Republic but the channel called him again on Tuesday and he agreed since he wanted to tell the truth on Goswami’s face. “Arnab was inviting me to his ‘debates’ last year quite often, I go there just to tell them what I think of them. In Nov 2018, I had a spat with TV Mohandas Pai over his selling beef and denying eggs to school kids. Openly Pai asked Arnab not to invite me anymore. So, they stopped inviting me for 4 months, yesterday he called again. It seems he had planned to call me ‘Swine’ – he had never done that in his previous shows,” Swain said.

Earlier this week, Goswami had faced allegations from Trinamool Congress’ Garga Chatterjee that his TV channel was a propaganda platform for the BJP since according to him, it operated using the saffron party’s money.


    • Arnab is a bloody foolish low down DOG For the BJP .Probably he received a very FAT cheque from Amith Shah for his stupid rubbish barking and back-biting so Called Republic tv….. Thank the courts for NOT allowing him to have named this squimmish….self-spitting ………..corspe eating barking pig -faced journalist tv as ..THE REPUBLIC TV”….

  1. You call a honest journalist corrupt by saying him a bjp agent and he cant say anything back to you. Its democracy he has right to get back if you hit him first

  2. Janta ka reporter rather i should say congress ka reporter, this man is anti hindu who hates hindu civilization. He is communal and hv jehadi type mind set.

  3. Arnab is one of the bravest journalists, journalism has ever seen, more particularly in India.

    He is not only informative but is also investigative.

    Mr. Swine (Oops.. I mean Mr. Swain), is established Modi hater and admitted Congres agent.
    He ought to have maintained decorum.and balance while being in debate.
    If he crosses the line, he should also be ready to be “crossed” like a swine.


  4. well whoever supports congress or takes anti India stand ” was – is – will ” be called
    SWINE .
    Jai Hind .

  5. Great Arnab, keep it up…keep teaching lessons to all these ignorant pseudo seculars and opportunists, corrupt, anti national opposition parties and their foolish supporters. Pallavi

  6. Mr Arnab Goswami is doing a good job by being on the right (correct) side. He is actually an unbiased journalist and truly nationalist. The people who are biased and have prejudiced and blurred vision about nation are only calling him biased.

  7. I think it is not Janta Ka Reporter but only Arbab ka reporter. Shameless journalism by Janta Ka Reporter.

  8. Cool is in his name so he himself thinks he’s an animal it is obvious that in his eyes other are also animal What kind of anal kingdom. At the same time he will call go his Mata but he will never ever call sand his pita So why go to his channel to geting insulted.

  9. I usually don’t see the debate in Republic as it is more of a one way conversation. I need some mental rest after a hectic day. However in this case, Mr.Ashok Swain is addressed as Mr Ashok Swain and Mr.Swain. There is nothing wrong in it. The issue is the debate took a personal turn rather then the discussion on the topic. Both have a mindset to win the debate at the cost of demining the other. Mr Swain started it and now is crying. Ego is too bad for any debate.

  10. Iitbisca know fact that Arnab is not only a bkp Agent but worsevthan a swine, an equivalent of a pros as he always keeps lending and is a lopsided anchor, so he should know that not only Indians but all abroad too know him as a pros

  11. I personally feel not only republic TV all other Indian channels are agents of either of the political parties and are behaving like their spokesperson in some way or other.This has totally tainted the image of this respected profession of journalism to an unprofessional and unethical image of the profession and hardly we find nowadays in our country any unbiased and impartial minded noncorrupt journalists not having nexus with political parties.Now coming to etiquette and rudeness it’s true that Arnab who originally hailed from NDTV and perhaps might be groomed by the sophisticated and sweet tongued Dr Prannoy Roy should have learnt the art of speaking politely showing courtesy and opportunity to speak out to other invited pannelists to his republic TV but I have observed that this guy is a straightforward person and speaks to speak on the face unlike his sweet tongued polite hypocrite fellow journalists of other channels. Would suggest Arnab to mend his way of presentation and give others to speak. As we almost all Indians are rude by nature the same is getting reflected in our electronic media and channels unlike the foreign media who are normally born polite so we find the same in CNN and BBC.

  12. I have given my comment but you have not produced it in comments section. Hence I am once again giving it as below :-
    Mr Arnab Goswami is doing a good job by being on the right (correct) side. Actually he is presenting impartial views and is a true nationalist. The people who call him biased are in fact biased, prejudiced and have blurred vision about the nation and lack nationalism.

  13. You guys don’t emphasize the statement of Ashok Swine but will try to magnify the general addressing of his name(Mr.Swain) by Arnab and trying to paste a fake tag of disrespecting by contortion of truth..

  14. Republic and Arnab is like a street prostitute. Will kneel down for their sugar daddys. Now it’s BJP, after 20-25 yrs it will be some other party.

  15. You are also a very biased news portal, what arnab does for BJP is the same done by Ravish Kumar for INC, without the shouting part.
    This Janta Ka reporter reports on Journalist more than real any events.

    This seems to be a cheap trolling site.


  17. His debate is not worth watching. Only fools watch him yelling and barking at the guests. He keeps some chamachas like y r venkatesh and others. He has a dark brain and makes hell of noise. His channel should be banned and should throw him into Amazon forest.

  18. His name is Swain, I heard the debate, as I m a fan of Arnab,who has the guts to give back to the so called liberals!!! In America, night is pronounced as nite, right as rite n so on!! Arnab is too clever a person to fall into controversy!!!Is he not bringing in a true nationalism spirit? Is he not highlighting all the misdeeds of every be him/ her be anybody!!! It’s only jelousy, just because he has peaked at a short given time, people are for his neck!!! Arey yaarr aap logg suudhar jaao, let some nationalism n patriotism come in u!!! Hats of Arnab, keep up the Good job in exposing such 2 tongued people!!! I wish u r channel all the very best. Jai Hind!!!

  19. I support Arnab. Gandhi era is gone. If calling a journalist BJP ka agent is fine then Mr Swine simply equals it. In a democracy every one has the right to support some party. Calling ppl as bhakts or agents is baseless. That shows ur focus is not on the actual issue or agendas of the contesting parties. Instead beating around the bush to create public opinion.


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