Arnab Goswami crosses limits, insults Sachin Tendulkar using hashtag #ShameOnAntiNationals, two guests walk out of his show


Arnab Goswami is known for his insane rant on fake nationalism and insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with him. But the controversial TV anchor crossed limits on Friday when he decided to insult legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. This is because Sachin, deemed as the God of cricket in India, had said that India should not pull out of the World Cup match against Pakistan in this year’s World Cup in light of the Pulwama terror attack.

Arnab Goswami

Using the hashtag #ShameOnAntiNationals, Goswami launched a blistering attack on Sachin, who has been conferred with the highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna for his contribution to the game. Goswami said, “I don’t believe in any Gods. Sachin Tendulkar is 100 percent wrong. Sachin Tendulkar, if he has any sense, he should realise that he should be the first person to say that don’t play with Pakistan. (Sunil) Gavaskar should be the second person to say that don’t play with Pakistan. These people say that we need two points. Both are damn wrong. We don’t need two points. I want revenge for my martyrs. Sachin Tendulkar can take his two points and put it in the dustbin.”

Goswami implied that there was no middle ground today as anybody, who did not agree with him were anti-nationals. “In this country there are only two sides now. There are people, who are with India and people are against India. Those, who want to take the middle road, are against India because there’s no middle road.”

This prompted a panelist on his show to walk out of the show. Political analyst Sudheendra Kulkarni said that he did not agree with him. “You are calling Sachin Tendulkar anti-national. You call Sunil Gavaskar anti-national. I am ashamed of you,” Kulkarni shouted before leaving the show.

But he wasn’t the only panelist to walk out of his show because of his comments on Tendulkar. Former AAP leader Ashutosh said that Goswami should be ashamed of himself for his attack on Tendulkar and Gavaskar. Ashutosh also asked Goswami why he was not questioning ‘his boss’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi for remaining busy with documentary shooting even after learning about the terror attack.

Sensing that he may lose another guest on the show, Goswami said, “It is my fervent appeal to Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev. You should be the first to say that we should not go out and play cricket with Pakistan. Because this country has given you a lot.”

Goswami said that he never called Tendulkar anti-national. One of his colleagues on the channel and known flag-bearer of the Hindutva brigade, Gaurav Arya, then launched extraordinary attack on Ashutosh calling him mentally ill among other insulting terminologies. As Ashutosh walked out, Arya shouted disparagingly, “Get out.” He clearly had Goswami’s blessings as the anchor looked the other way.

Tendulkar on Friday had said, “India has always come up trumps against Pakistan in the World Cup. Time to beat them once again. Would personally hate to give them two points and help them in the tournament.”

Tendulkar, however, said that he will support the government’s decision if it decided to boycott the match. He said, “Having said that, for me India always comes first, so whatever my country decides, I will back that decision with all my heart.”




  1. You don’t tell us who is known as fake nationalism and who is true, Sachin kept his views to play cricket India against Pakistan then Arnab kept his points that’s all, So who r u the hell to justify who is fake and who is true nationalist. Atleast everybody know that who is Arnab but no body know a shit known as JANTA KA REPORTER.

    • It is a well.known fact the cricket players are always we have seen lot of match fixing in the previous years. If the the cricket players who are Interested and not sincere to our country they are anti national.
      I appreciate Arab Goswamy for his courage in debate to bring.out the truth and we are very much.impressd .I am a regular viewer of his ‘debate every day ever since he was in TIMES.NOW and now in REPUBLIC.

      Government of India Ministry of Defence should issue an order that Sachin Tendulkar should be sacked and the
      Honourary rank given to him should be withdrawn.

    • how sad, BJP and arnab is trying to devide the nation byhook or by croock. Why so much discussion on who is national and who is antinational. In last 70 years.. I have never seen such discussions which i am seeing now during modi’s time which again fueled by people like arnab.
      where lies yje problem really?!?!

  2. dont write false news.i saw what arnab said.he never used antinational word for sachin.he just asked them not to play with pakistan.
    I dont understand why u reporters still believe rahul gandhi.he is biggest liar in india.

    • You need to be driven out of our nation, plz go to Porkistan they are waiting to bomb u, call us nationalists or jingoists, we don’t care, its ppl like you who need to, run has run out for anti nationals… be scared !!!!!

  3. Complete wrong article on Arnab Goswamy.


    Don’t try to twist lines. Sudheendra Kulkarni said to Arnab r u calling me anti-national, why does SK doubt on himself why he left studio, can’t face straight questions. Listen to Ashutosh words he was telling “Can you say Sachin as anti-national” including saurav. So don’t try to put words in Arnab’s mouth. Telling lies doesn’t help. Ranting against Arnab will not make lies into truth, watch debate again with open ears n eyes.

  4. Arnab literally seeems to have gone out of his senses. There is every right for every person of this country to put express his/her point of view and we may disagree with that point of view and let them know. But To term every person not agreeing with his point of view as anti-national and painting them black and insulting them is uncalled for! I support the government in all its respective actions to curb Pakis. Govt should Smother the Paks and take the toughest possible action to choke them diplomatically and in every way possible. Everyone would back the govt, but what Arnab does is despicable. Insulting people, not letting them speak and expecting people to only toe his line and calling the likes of Sachin and Sunil gavaskar as anti-national is neither cool nor true nationalism Arnab!

  5. Cricket is played for entertainment and military service for nation to keep our nation secured, what and who is more important, are we becoming so insensitive to the human life, I appreciate strong stand taken by sourav, Harbhajan, sehwag ,they never played for personal scores , they always think nation first.they speak through the heart.

  6. Arnab did nothing wrong, you can look at the tweets people are replying with to Sachin Tendulkar on his statement. Arnab is speaking in the voice of India.

  7. Be chutiye how is this an insult he didn’t abuse Sachin ,instead warned a guest who was trying to abuse Sachin, also Sachin is a member of a force in case you forgot, kuch bhi bakwaas krte Ho Mr rifat Javed.

  8. Sachin and Gavaskar,
    Both should sue Arnab and send him to jail.
    He is clearly a stooge of the BJP.
    His one point agenda, is trying his level best to abuse the Gandhi family, Congress, and specially Rahul Gandhi.
    He suffers from a Rahul Gandhi Phobia.
    He is basically become mad and has brought journalism to its lowest level.
    God help him if BJP looses power.

  9. At least arnab is clear in his stand.
    Every other is taking a middle road
    Which we ppl should not take as far as
    Our countrys security and souvernity is
    concerned.arnab is right.

  10. Abe chutiye, you genuinely should work on your headline, stop spreading hate. I have seen that debate, do you even know what kind tweet, those chutiye were supporting. Forget those terrorist, It’s the termites like you I’m much worried about. And for your kind information arnab didn’t call him Anti-National, he presented his view like everyone else and I also believe sachin is wrong with his statement that we should play cricket with Pakistan.

  11. I think, if you have little sense, it’s Indian government who decided not to have any relationship with Pakistan not Arnab goswami.
    You guys are saling the country with your own favoritism
    Shame on you. Especially shame on you Janta ka reporter.

  12. What is wrong in saying sachin as antinational .he is not above the country .He is bothered about getting 2points what a shame and we call him a bharat ratan .Does he deserves to be called as bharat ratan

    • Arey bhai arnab ko kisi dimagi Doctor ke pass le jao Show mein dekh ke lagta hai ke roz biwi se maar kha ke aata hai. Kuchh sense hona chahiye baat karne ka. Bus ek hi baat listen to me… listen to me lis lis lis listen to me. What a senseless puppet of BJP YAAR.

  13. Arnab has gone insane. Needs treatment badly. Dedicating the win against pak may be a better tribute to martyrs…
    Addressing the eradication of the root cause would be a better option to resolve dispute.

  14. Sachin is one of the meanest person. After becoming MP he hasn’t done any good for people. He is all running behind money and influential people.
    They all are not nationalist neither people should follow them.
    They are not TYAGI

  15. Arnab, had he not been born in this country, it would not have made any difference to the Indians. Sachin and Gavaskar they are icons of sport and has made our mother India proud. QED.

  16. He has got a viewpoint… We must be pluralistic and respect his freedom of expression. Why this intolerance? This dogma of leftism is so rigid and unrealistic.

  17. अर्नब गोस्वामी गटरछाप आदमी है. पैसैके के लिये वोह कुछ भी करेगा. सच कहू तो ये गद्दार है पत्रकारिता के लिये.

  18. Arnab is always right .He should take all the nationalist who say nation comes first along with him to take revenge of crpf men,to the border and stop barking from the conforts of his news room.He can also call bhagwat for help till now his army must have been trained. .

  19. From 2014 there are a group of people appointed by government which distribute a card …who is nationalist and who is anti nationalist….arnab ,gourav ,sambit are government employees which distribute this card…this is a government scheme enjoy it….

  20. Attitude and language are the mark of a Gentleman ingrained with humility and respect anchoring a National Channel Sachin was and is the pride of the nation A journalist having the audacity to belittle and ruin their reputation is venomous Arnabs Corrupted tongue un tamed and minister of Information and broadcasting is SILENT?BCCI? Arnab needs cerebral hemispheres detoxification??

  21. Cricket is just a game.
    Heavens will not fall on us indians if we do not play cricket with a rouge nation like pakisthan.
    I condemn Sachin for his advocating for playing a terrorist country for 2 points.
    2 points or for that matter even the world cup will not bring back 45 brave hearts .
    Sachin is a selfish narrow minded fellow.

  22. What a worthless reporter-no where in the debate did Arnab call Sachin antinational.On the contrary the remarks of sachin is a real insult to our martyrs.Regarding Ashutosh he ran away from the show realising that that if video was replayed he would be caught for his lies.The other panelist was hell-bent to leave and thus went on repeating same words like a broken record.Whatever the status of anyone,none is above nation whom the bravehearts protect so we live in peace.

  23. When the whole world went to the German Olympic.and the war was stopped for the games .Member sports is a cymbl of peace .Let not mix it. All those who think Arnap is just doing his job then let him bring peace among our politicians and be India (I am India)

  24. I think he needs psychiatrist help on urgent basis otherwise tomorrow may he says all Indians are anti-nation pls have some rational before speak..

  25. @nitin, Abe chaman Chutiye, Sachin did not asked for peace talk but insisting beating those bastards in cricket battle field and he also said will support whatever country decides with all heart.

    @nitin Sale tum jese keede mar jaye to desh ka kuch bhala ho

  26. India should not boycott the game with Pakistan. As Gavaskar said boycotting the game means losing 2 points and Pakistani would get those points without playing strong India. If you want to punish Pakistan, WHY do you want to gift them with 2 points? If India beats Pakistan, it would be the befitting punishment and the whole country would be happy. I hope Arnab would stop his badmouth and instigating people.

  27. Janata ka reporter owner is a mullah.He has his reasons to hate Arnab & love Pakistan.Such leftist anti national stance of janta ka reporter is not new.

  28. When the whole nation is strongly opposing every kind of relationship with Pakistan, what is the that Sachin is expressing his love for cricket. Is anything above nation. It would have been better for Sachin to go at border to see the ground realties and circumstances under which our armed forcess are struggling for the security of nation. Don’t be so passionate for your profession, I know you have earned a lot but your contribution is not equal to the sacrifice of an armyman.

  29. I saw Republic after that I never seen this channel but I had feeling about this this channel shut down very soon because of this man only Mr Goswami. He is out of this Universe.

  30. Not that i agree with Arnab Goswami’s reportage. But he did not call Tendulkar antinational. Even if he did, what makes Sachin or Gavaskar or any other individual above question!?! When a section of the media aggressively defends their freedom to question the motives of even the PM and Defence Minister, why is it wrong to question our celebrities. And finally, atleast Mr.Goswami has the spine to spell out what he believes. Which reminds me….why does the author of this article shy away from naming themself?? I mean seriously. Article by “JKR staff”!!!

  31. Why are you spreading fake news. Everyone saw what happened in that show. Sudhendra kulkarni and ashutosh tried to put their words in arnab’s mouth. Arnab did not said such thing. Hindutwa brigade ke lagte kabhi islamic terrorism word use kia hai ?

  32. Arnab has rightly done so. I m a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar,but when we have to choose between your favourite player and the nation, I have no doubt that the nation comes first.

  33. In normal times I do not endorse anything arnab shouts about… but what he has said about the two ex-cricketers is spot on. On one side they say (indirectly) to play Pakistan, not to lose 2 points, and on the other side they say that they stand by whatever decision the govt takes. They shud be bold like Ganguly & Harbajan who’ve said to cut off all sporting ties with Pakistan.

  34. Stop spreading life about Arnab Goswami. What he said is correct. Sachin is a good cricketer, but that doesn’t mean that he cannot be wrong about anything. India should pull out from ICC. And Arnab Goswami can definitely use his freedom of speech, he shouldn’t select whether it is Sachin or whoever.

  35. This website had no right to tell anyone’s nationalism as fake. And even I heard about this b website (Janta Ka Reporter for the first-time.

  36. Shut up bcci is a money whore so how would they go against a match taking them crores , #westandbyArnabGoswami.He represents popular sentiment of nation right now

  37. Tum jse logo ki hi wjh se pakistani log hme taunt marte h k dekho tmhare hi log esa kehte h. Khud to dogule h aur jo dogulapn krte h bolne me unki tareef krte h. Arnab ne uss din sahi Bola tha aur uss din usne ye bh kha tha ki kuch media wale ese h jo dogulapn krte h aaj maine iss post se wo dekh liya. Kahi caravan magazine to kahi tum jse chu*iye deshdrohi logo ki gaa*d me laat marke bhga dena chahiye India se. Ary kmse km jis mitti ka namak khaya h wha ki trf to wafadari dikhao!!! Lkin sun lo sbke sb abh bh wqt h desh ki trf ajao nh to Pakistan me ese bakwas posts krna to door do wqt ka khana bh naseeb nh hoga

  38. Middle ground approach is the reason for all this mess.arnab is right either u r this side or that side. NO ifs & buts. R u with the country or against. These fake indians wont understand.

  39. If anybody wants to protest against terrorists nation, either we can go for war or we can boycott & isolated them…they don’t want war neither they want to protest, because it’s financially doesn’t suits them….that’s why I call Bollywood and Cricketer as traitors…they projects themselves are working for nation, but actually they are working only for money….this nation has given them so much but when it come to nation interest they look for money….if they can boycott then it’s time we boycott them….


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