Social media abuzz with reports of half-printed Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes


As if the shortage of new currency coupled with severe restrictions on withdrawal of money did not cause enough anxiety, reports of half-printed new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes have only compounded the existing woes of ordinary citizens.

Photos of half printed Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes are now going viral on Twitter.

half-printed new Rs 500

User Sudhir Shandilya tweeted the following photo of Rs 500 notes that he claimed he had withdrawn from an HDFC bank ATM. In the photo, the new Rs 500 notes (below) appear only half-printed with key details of the currency being erased.

Another user Sharifur Rahman tweeted claiming his newly dispensed Rs 2,000 notes too were only half-printed.

Janta Ka Reporter made several attempts to reach out to Reserve Bank of India for clarification on whether new currency is indeed being printed with printed with plenty of missing details.

The central government has made several controversial decisions with regards to withdrawal of money and exchange of old currency at banks across the country since the announcement of demonetisation on 8 November. This, according to analysts, was because the haste in which the government made demonetisation announcement, thereby lacking any considerable planning on implementation.

On Friday, the government made yet another contradictory announcement on demonetisation by closing the bank for operations on Sunday while allowing only senior citizens to banks on Saturday (today).

Narendra Modi government has already reduced an individual’s ability to exchange old currency with new from Rs 4,500 to Rs 2,000 only once till 30 December.

The government on Friday also announced concessions for those, who had weddings planned, by allowing them to withdraw up to Rs 2.5 lakh. But several families complained of banks not adhering to the new directive.



  1. If the story is true it shows the negligence of Govt. Which nobody expects. Then remove and take action on the officials reponsible for it. If it is a fabricated one to defame the Govt., take stringent action on publisher and people responsible for it spreading such roumers in the public. After the announcement of demonetisation, many such roumers are spreading in the public and media is supporting for the reasons best known to them.

  2. This is all because of lack of planning lack of procedural governing and that is the bigning of a new game when another government comes into power they will also play with currency changes in the name of demonetisation.sab moz kar rahe hai nach a aawe angan tera

  3. Govt should take action as it’s a matter of Indian currency.

    But here I would like to say that the way anti-nationals, traitors and group of Corrupt and Shameless political parties and their spoons are acting and showing disrespect of this historical decision, its quite crystal clear that except few, almost entire opposition Corrupt political parties have suffered a huge setback and will have sleepless nights because their black money have turned into RADDI…

    And few hightech, high headed anti-national press reporters, twitter birds and few writers who have lost their mental balance as their age passes by, are very active to show something negative about this govt.

    Even if these pigs have got 1 or 2 pieces of half printed notes, they are dancing and showing like they have got rare blue Diamond.

    They have failed and will be wiped out from this country.

  4. All false news only to defame the government and false criticism about poor implementation the government is only innovatively responding to the various methods the black money holders are trying to convert and no where in the world is any government responding so fast to a dynamic situation.

  5. None cries for public interest. Those who oppose might have experienced personal loss for having black money.
    Any way just wait for one or two months We may know the out come. ??


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