Controversy after President’s daughter posts photo of breastfeeding in her underwear


A new controversy has erupted on internet after the daughter of Kyrgyzstan president posted a photo of she breastfeeding her baby in her underwear.

The photo has caused a huge debate with some linking Aliya Shagieva’s to sexualisation of breastfeeding.

She had posted the photo back in April with the caption, “I will feed my child whenever and wherever he needs to be fed.”

Accused of immoral behaviour, Shagieva has been forced to take down her social media post, but she defended her decision while speaking to BBC.

She said, “This body I’ve been given is not vulgar. It is functional, its purpose is to fulfil the physiological needs of my baby, not to be sexualised.”

Aside from facing a huge social media backlash, she also had to face the ire of her parents, President Almazbek Atambayev and his wife Raisa, who too disapproved her act.

She said, “They really didn’t like it. And it is understandable because the younger generation is less conservative than their parents.”

She added, “When I’m breastfeeding my child I feel like I’m giving him the best I can give. Taking care of my baby and attending to his needs is more important to me than what people say about me.”

Gulnara Kasmambetova, who interviewed Shagieva, wrote, “I interviewed Aliya Shagieva in her flat in a prestigious quarter of Bishkek which she shares with her husband and child.

“Her drawings and pictures were on the walls and the couple offered fruit and herbal tea. Herbs were growing in pots on the window sills; the couple are vegetarian, a rarity in a traditionally meat-eating country.”