This model walks on stage without realising her headgear is on fire


A beauty contest in Cuisnahuat region of El Salvador recently went up in smoke, literally, when a model walking on the ramp nearly lost her life. However, the immediate intervention by organisers helped avoid what could have been a deadly outcome of the disaster.

According to Channel 9 News, a model was walking on the ramp in a feather headdress when the disaster struck. No sooner had the female model walked past a man holding a flaming torch, her Queen of the Harvest costume caught fire from the flames of the torch. Within seconds her entire headgear went into flames nearly killing her.

An alert onlooker rushed to her rescue and manage to extinguish the fire but the model’s entire costume had turned into ashes. She, however, emerged unscathed.

Moments later the pageant resumed as normal. But the video has now gone viral on social media platforms.

You can watch the video below.