Key results found in Arafat’s death probe, say Palestinians


Palestinians say “important results” have been found in investigating the circumstance in which their leader Yasser Arafat died 11 years ago, and these results will lead to resolving the mystery.

Earlier, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a recorded TV message aired on Palestine TV that the investigation had come a long way, and would continue until the truth was uncovered, Xinhua news agency reported.

On Wednesday, the Palestinians marked the 11 anniversary of the death of Arafat, who passed away in 2004 because of a mysterious disease in a French hospital. The Palestinians accused Israel of poisoning him.

“The committee will carry on with its investigation until the truth is unveiled,” said Abbas, adding “We tell Yasser Arafat that we are following his steps and we are sticking to our national merits and rights.”

Nasser al-Qedwa, Arafat’s nephew, also member of Fatah Party’s Central Committee, told Xinhua that the investigating committee “are about to announce specific results.”

Al-Qedwa, who is also the chairman of Arafat Foundation, said that declaring the results of the investigations “will be a very good matter and an important step to unveil the complete truth on Arafat’s assassination.”

Tawfiq Tirawi, head of the Palestinian Committee to investigate Arafat’s death, informed al-Qedwa that the team is about to declare important results. Al-Qedwa said “I hope the results will be declared as soon as possible.”

On Tuesday night, Tirawi announced in a TV statement that his committee found facts leading to a person who stands behind assassinating Arafat. However, Tirawi declined to give any more details on the identity of this person. But Tirawi accused Israel of being behind murdering Arafat.

He added that the Palestinian investigations are focusing on the possibility of a collaborator who managed to penetrate into the security circle around Arafat.

“If this is unveiled and resolved, then it will be easy to unveil who holds the political responsibility for assassinating Arafat and getting rid of him, and certainly the one who holds this responsibility is in Israel,” said al-Qedwa.

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