Iranian actress loses job after posting pic without hijab


The Iranian actress has lost her government job for posting on Instagram her photo without hijab, or head scarf.

The government allegedly denounced Sadaf Taherian for “immoral” act and fired her from work for sharing pictures of herself without her hijab.

Until recently, Sadaf’s feed has been populated by pictures and selfies with her hair covered by a head scarf, as required by Iranian law.

This week, Sadaf unveiled on social media in protest at being forced to wear a headscarf.

Iranian state media warns women that not covering their hair could open them up to violent attacks by encouraging male urges, but Sadaf says she was harassed regardless.

Sadaf has received insults and abuse on social media for her images, but has no regrets.

She spoke to Masih Alinejad, an activist and journalist now based in New York and working with producer Saman Arbabi, who has herself been castigated in Iranian media for campaigning against forced hijab.

According to The Independent newspaper, Ms Alinejad, the Ministry of Culture claimed, Sadaf refused to wear her hijab on Instagram because she has been influenced by Western media.

The Ministry addressed the images in an angry televised broadcast and vowed to revoke her work license, preventing her from performing in Iranian cinema.