Injustice against ‘Egypt’s Malala’ causes outrage on social media


Thousands of online users have launched online campaign in support of a Christian teenager, Maryam Malak, who they say have fallen victim to rampant corruption and religious biases in Egypt.

Online users were outraged when Maryam, an otherwise a topper in her class, announced that she had ‘scored’ zero in all her seven papers of her school final exams.

Maryam, a Coptic Christian girl in Egypt, says that she was shocked not to find her name among the list of toppers when she went to check the results of her school final exams.

She told BBC, “I was still hopeful, but when I saw my results, I went in a state of shock. I was not able to hear anything and see anything. I couldn’t believe as to how I could score zero in all my seven papers.”

Maryam’s family alleged that she was failed because of her faith. But authorities have rejected their allegations.

Corruption in Egyptian education system is quite common with there being plenty of incidents of officials manipulating exam results by accepting bribes. But Maryma’s incident has caused widespread outrage worldwide.

Social media users took to twitter to express their solidarity, while on Facebook her supporters created a page in her name. Her Facebook page has already received more than 30,000 likes.

People are calling her ‘Egypt’s Malala’ demanding the authorities to provide her justice immediately. An Egyptian lady wrote, ” Not only have the corrupt Egyptian officials stolen her marks, but also taken away her dreams and future. Just imagine zero marks in all seven subjects. This is the limit.”