Imran Khan sacks Punjab minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan for anti-Hindu comments, In Modi’s India Muslim haters are appointed Governor, ministers

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A senior leader of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party, PTI, has had to resign after demands grew for his sacking over his anti-Hindu remarks. The official Twitter handle of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf said that Punjab’s Information and Culture Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan was sacked for his derogatory comments targeting the Hindu community.

Imran Khan

The tweet by PTI read, “PTI Punjab government has removed Fayyaz Chohan from the post of Punjab Information Minister following derogatory remarks about the Hindu community. Bashing someone’s faith should not b a part of any narrative.Tolerance is the first & foremost pillar on which #Pakistan was built.”

There were reports that Imran Khan himself had taken a dim view of Chohan’s communal rant against the Hindu community. Chohan, who was a part of the provincial government in the country’s largest state Punjab is notorious for being a motormouth politician. On 24 February, amidst the rising tension between India and Pakistan, he conflated Indians with Hindus and used disparaging words for the religious community during his interaction with reporters.

His comments evoked angry reactions from politicians and journalists as they demanded his immediate ouster from the provincial government headed by Imran Khan’s party.

Pakistani Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Political Affairs, Naeemul Haque, had taken to Twitter to announce that the PTI would not ‘tolerate this nonsense’ adding that action would be taken against the minister after consultation with Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

“The derogatory and insulting remarks against the Hindu community by Fayyaz Chohan the Punjab Info Minister demand strict action. PTI govt will not tolerate this nonsense from a senior member of the govt or from anyone. Action will be taken after consulting the Chief Minister.”

Pakistani Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Dr Mohammad Faisal, too had expressed similar sentiments in his tweet. He wrote, “#Pakistan proudly owns the white in the flag as much as the green, values contributions of the Hindu community & honours them as our own.”

Social media users have been quick to applaud Khan and his party for not tolerating Chohan’s bigotry, which is rampant in India and many known bigots are part of the BJP governments both at the Centre and in states. One of the known Islam-haters, Tathagata Roy, continues to hold the constitutional post of Meghalaya’s Governor. His crimes include calling for Rohingya Muslims’ genocide and boycott of Kashmiri Muslims.

Other BJP leaders known for routinely spewing venom against India’s Muslim community or extending support to those, who killed Muslims in the name of protecting cows are Giriraj Singh, Sakshi Maharaj, Mahesh Sharma and Jayant Sinha among others. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath too was a known Muslim hater before he was rewarded with the post of CM by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017.



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