UN Secretary General criticises Hungary for actions against migrants


United Nations secretary general, Ban-ki-Moon on Wednesday criticised Hungary and said that he was “shocked” after Hungarian police fired tear gas and water cannon to force migrants back from its border.

Hungary police was engaged in a clash with migrants on its border with Serbia, where two asylum seekers were injured and many of them were arrested during the chaos.

Hungary justified its action saying that the migrants tried to break through gates causing injuries to 20 police officials in the clash accusing them of ‘using children as their shield.’

Hungary closed its border on Tuesday and made it illegal to cross its fence. Officials also stated that they would start fast-track courts for trials of arrested migrants.

After the clashes, 5,000 migrants have entered Germany through Croatia border, far away from Hungary. Germany is the end destination for all migrants. The European Union remains divided on how it should respond to the growing refugees crisis.