Govt pledges cooperation for peace in Myanmar


Myanmar’s government has pledged to work in cooperation with all sides to enable stability and peace in the post-election period, according to an announcement of the President’s Office.

The President’s Office made the pledge hours after National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Aung San Suu Kyi called for dialogue with Myanmar’s three key figures — President U Thein Sein, Parliament Speaker U Shwe Mann and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing.

The President’s Office said the government will respect the choice and decision of the people made in the three-tier general elections on Sunday and will carry out transfer of power calmly and peacefully.

With regard to Suu Kyi’s call for the prompt dialogue with the three figures, the office said mutual coordination and discussion will be made after the complete release of the election result by the Union Election Commission (UEC).

U Thein Sein also extended his congratulation to Suu Kyi and her party for taking the lead in Sunday’s general elections. A majority of the parliamentary seats have been won by NLD.

The statement thanked all stakeholders for participation in the elections and making it a success, praising and honouring Suu Kyi for her efficiency in winning people’s support for her party.

Suu Kyi proposed to hold the talks with the three figures on the basis of national reconciliation and aimed at calmly and peacefully realising the desire of the people expressed through Sunday’s general elections.

In response to Suu Kyi’s call, U Shwe Mann offered cooperation in building a politically stable, peaceful, prosperous and developed country.

Response from Min Aung Hlaing was yet to follow.

Earlier, the UEC announced that Suu Kyi won the Sunday’s poll from Yangon’s Kawhmu constituency, mainly against rival U Kyaw Zin Hein, candidate of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), and has been re-elected to the House of Representatives (Lower House).

The NLD won 291 seats in three levels of parliament, including 78 in the House of Representatives, 29 in the House of Nationalities and 182 in the Region or State Parliament, according to the result released by the UEC on Tuesday night.

The USDP held 27 seats, six in the House of Representatives, two in the House of Nationalities and 19 in the Region or State Parliament.

A total of 333 representatives have been elected to parliament at three levels, according to the results announced by the UEC, as of Tuesday night.