French President vows to destroy IS, Obama says Muslim community not doing enough to fight extremism


French president, Francois Hollande said on Monday he was committed to “destroying” the so-called Islamic State group after Friday’s deadly attacks.

He said he planned to extend the state of emergency declared in the country after the Paris attacks for three months adding that he wouldn’t hesitate to even suggesting changes in the constitution.

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France’s military campaign against IS in Iraq and Syria will also intensify.

IS claimed the terror attacks bars, restaurants, a concert hall and a stadium in Paris resulting in the deaths of 129 people.

Speaking during a joint session of both houses of parliament, Hollande said the constitution needed to be amended as “we need an appropriate tool we can use without having to resort to the state of emergency”.

Hollande said he would meet US President Barack Obama and Russian Vladimir Putin in the coming days to discuss action against the group.

Elsewhere, speaking at the G20 summit, the US President Barrack Obama said that the Muslim community was not doing enough to push back terrorism adding that “those ideas have to be challenged.”

He also said that Muslim community had to think about how children are being infected with twisted notions justified by religion



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