Another ‘mass shooting’ kills nine people in Ohio after terrorist Patrick Crusius massacres 20 in Texas


Police in Ohio say that at least nine people have been killed and several injured in yet another incident of ‘mass shooting’ in Dayton, outside a bar in the Oregon district of the city. The unidentified terrorist has been shot dead by cops.


Police have called for witnesses to come forward. The injured have been taken to several hospitals in the city. One witness, James Williams, told the BBC that he was sitting outside the bar at the time of the incident, recalled a man carrying a rifle approaching the area before opening fire.

A tweet by Dayton Police Department read, “We are actively investigating an active shooter incident in the #OregonDistrict. Please avoid the area. More information to come.”

This came hours after a terrorist, identified as Patrick Crusius, left at least 20 people dead at Walmart, the famous American supermarket, with some victims believed to be of Mexican origin. Authorities had arrested the 21-year-old terrorist. As expected, US President Donald Trump had refused to term the mass-murder an act of terrorism.