American passport is not the most desirable passport for the wealthiest on earth, survey suggests


One would be prompt to say that the American passport is most desired by the wealthiest in the world. That is not true. Sweden’s passport was ranked as the most preferred passport by the word’s rich people among 199 countries on a list compiled by Nomad Capitalist, a US-based organization, as reported by MoneyControl,“Swedish citizens can, not only visit 176 countries without a visa, but they enjoy an excellent reputation abroad, the ability to hold dual or multiple citizenships, high levels of personal freedom, and the ability to easily escape Swedish taxes by moving overseas,” as per Nomad Capitalist.

Belgium comes a close second, followed by Spain, Italy, Ireland, Finland and Germany. India, despite being looked upon as an emerging global country, fails to impress with it’s ranking at 160 out of the total 199 countries, which also makes it in the bottom 30. The lowest position is occupied by Afghanistan, only to be preceded by Iraq, Eritrea, and Pakistan.

The “Nomad Passport Index” rates passports based on an index calculated out of the following parameters- the visa-free travel (50 percent of ranking), taxation (30 percent of ranking), perception (10 percent of ranking), ability to hold dual citizen zen ship (10 percent) and overall freedom (10 percent).

The index is designed to show the true value of citizenship in each country from the perspective of the high-achieving citizen. Nomad Capital analyses many indices to come up with the final score, namely, World Happiness Report, UN’s Human Development Index and World Press Freedom Index.

The index is also reliant on data regarding mandatory military service, government spying programs, incarceration rate and laws targeting non-resident citizens. In the Global Passport Index ranking for power, too, India’s score comes at 71, out of 90 total ranks. Indian passport holders can travel to 58 countries, without visa and on visa on arrival, except India itself.

India shares the 71st rank with countries such as Mali, Niger, and Comoros. Germany was at the numero uno rank on the power index, followed by Singapore and Sweden at No 2. The United States occupies the third position in the Global Passport Powers Index, tied up with eight other countries- UK, Japan, Norway, Spain, France, Italy, Finland and Denmark.

The Global Passport Index ranks are based on how many countries the passport owner can visit without having to obtain a visa. Coincidentally, Afghanistan has been the last in this list as well.


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