After Arab countries, now Canada punishes Indian origin man for Islamophobia; terminated from job and removed from school body

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Days after several Indian expats were removed from their jobs in the Arab countries for displaying Islamophobia using their social media pages, Canada has cracked the whip on an Islamophobe by removing him from a school body and terminating his contract with one of the leading real estate companies in the North American country. Ravi Hooda has now made his Twitter account private after politicians and civil society members in Canada reacted with outrage on his brazen Islamophobia.


This all started with several Toronto-area municipalities granting local mosques permission to broadcast the Azaan or call to prayer using loudspeakers during Iftaar (breaking of fast) every day during Ramadan. The move was widely hailed since Muslims could not gather in mosques due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Brampton too followed suit and decided to allow Muslims in its region to use loudspeakers for the sunset Azaan. This did not go down well with a local Islamophobe, identified as Ravi Hooda, who launched a tirade mocking Muslims and their faith. He wrote, “What’s next? Separate lanes for camel & goat riders, allowing slaughter of animals at home in the name of sacrifice, bylaw requiring all women to cover themselves from head to toe in tents to appease the piece fools for votes.”

Hooda’s tweet sent shockwaves across Canada, which is globally renowned for its liberal values. Peel District School Board in Brampton announced that it had removed Hooda as ‘School Council Chair’ and investigation was underway against him. Its tweet read, “The Principal has begun an investigation. The individual is being removed from their role as School Council Chair and won’t be able to participate on council in any other capacity. Islamophobia is not acceptable and a clear violation of our Safe and Accepting Schools Policy.”

ReMax Canada, which is one of Canada’s top real estate marketing websites, too informed that it had terminated Hooda’s contract. It tweeted, “We do not share nor support the views of Mr. Hooda. We can confirm he has been terminated and is no longer affiliated with RE/MAX. Multiculturalism & diversity are some of the best qualities in our communities, and we are committed to upholding these values in all that we do.”

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown too said that Islamophobia will not be tolerated in Canada. He wrote, “Our noise by law originally passed in 1984 only included an exemption for Church bells. It will now include all faiths within the permitted hours & decibel levels. The Muslim community can proceed with the sunset azan because it’s 2020 & we treat all faiths equally. #Ramadan.”

Curiously, Hooda is also a registered certified immigration consultant. It remains to be soon if the government will consider revoking his licence in light of his Islamophobic views.



  1. It’s really worth to comment here, it’s not only racist or Islamiphobic but terrorist and fascist mentality people.
    They are not to be given any position in governmental or private sectors.
    Thanks for taking action against Hindu fascist people.

    • Now, well what about the conditions of the minorities in Islamic countries like Pakistan and others. Why double standardness? Only the Israel is showing it’s capacity to contain these fanatics. All over the world these stupids creating ruckus.May God shower good wishes on
      European&American countries

      • Why do you look at Pakistan?
        Pls look at gulf countries who are predominately muslim. All humans irrespective of religion are treated well.
        Let us be fair to all.World does not need hate mongers.

  2. Please forgive him. He may not be knowing what he has done. One day he realise that he should not have done this. Please brother start respecting humans as humans. Don’t differentiate and don’t hate others’ way of life.

  3. Revoke his citizenship and send him back to India as an example that communalism is unacceptable and unforgivable crime against humanity .

  4. Thank You Canada For The Freedom of Religion we r all equal if you are Hindu or muslim we are all humans if you practice your religion others have rights to practice theirs… We are Blessed to be in Canada and have a free peaceful loving country to live in we are blessed in any way to be here… And you should be thankful to our gouvernement that you are here and blessed to do hight jobs if you were in India iam sorry to say you won’t b able to accomplished any of these hight jobs and would be struggling so be Fear, faithful and Honest to your country. Iam so Blessed to be in Canada❤️

    ??God Bless CANADA??

  5. He should be tried under hate crime laws.Let him, and people like him understand that Canada will never allow bigotry, discrimination, stereotyping, biases and hate crimes. In India, the country where he comes from, Muslims are discriminated on a regular basis under BJP government.

  6. Mr. Hooda did wrong but the so called “Janatakareprter” is doing more harm by putting a heading to the news in such a manner that an injustice has been done to Mr. Hooda.
    This is yellow journalism. I denounce the way “Janatakareprter” is portaying the whole story.

  7. Oh-yes – sure and very clear: the world is persecuting and punishing only Islamophobia. Nothing else.
    We – “all the nasty infidels” – always are attacking, using violence, full agitating, provocating and hating the Muslims: by practicing every-day terror, killings and endless fighting – towards these brave greatest people on earth!
    At same time “all we nasty infidels” are experiencing day-by-day the endless sympathetic, tolerance, fairness, peacefulness, gentleness, friendliness, courtesy, priority, love, fun, humor, kindness, decency, deep friendships and endless lovely superbest good-naturedness by Islam.
    Or isn’t it so?

  8. All the Muslims and so called liberals commenting here have no ethical right to do so! After what we have witnessed so far, and what idiotic “political correctness” is being displayed in Canada, do you guys really think people can be “punished” for calling you out! Look at the mirror! You guys coined a phony term “Islamophobia” to justify your actions against non-Muslims who dare to speak facts! All of your propaganda is BS!

  9. Govt should check Mr Hooda immigration documents and do DNA test.
    Most Indian used all immoral means like husband divorce wife, who later marry his younger brother in India for immigration purpose.
    In many cases Indians have declared nephews as their own children.
    Believe me if Govt of Canada do DNA testing, half of Indian will be deported

  10. Perhaps, Hindus can petition the govt. to allow broadcast of Suprabadam at 3.30-4 AM as is traditionally done in South Indian temples.

  11. Forgive him in name of Allah as he do not know what the Islam is .He will feel guilty for his words when he realise the mistake committed by him

  12. God bless Canada for showcasing it’s liberal values, Multicultural, Diversity n also for treating all Religion n Faith equally. Such Hate voice has to be shut. Made a good lesson out of Ravi Hooda, Hate Monger.

  13. All Racists should be condemned whether Hindu or Muslim . Racist & hate speeches & messages cause enmity in an otherwise peaceful multicultural society . These Racists are a scourge of society & should be severely punished . India is experiencing a rising racist trend with even legislators garlanding perpetrators who’ve lynched individuals from the minority community on suspicion of keeping beef . Racists & racism have no place in the 21st century where people want to live together in peace & harmony . Kudos to Canada to punishing such dangerous venomous individuals out to spread religious discrimination & hatred .

    • Like to agree with all your words to be dealt with divisive ideology, but next moment ii think if people reward him Hate in Return of Hate than What’s the difference between himself and others.

      I think instead of heavy criticism and legal penalty he should be forgiven and as penalty must be send for social hours in any Masjid for 2 -3 months. He will surely realise the fact and that will remove impurities of his heart.

  14. It is undesirable strong satirical criticism no doubt but I think it is within the limits of freedom of speech and expression since this freedom of speech includes even censure in the strongest terms. I think Canadian authorities overreacted. He should have been reprimanded, especially because he was in a school – educative purposes, and left at that.

  15. Obviously you’ll say that. If it was within vtheir freedom of speech limits then I would say Stop genocide in Kashmir. Stop killing Muslims in India and Stop CAA stupidity. That’s what freedom of speech is right and make sure I still didn’t criticized any Hindu religious activities…. not even forced cow per drinks nor waist of milk on your devi devta while poor people starving out side of Mandir. You all are mentally sick nation accept it.

  16. Look who’s talking! We ‘are sick’! A country tolerating the fanatism of Muslims since centuries, tolerating their stupidity and moronic attitude! Yeah right! We are really sick for not using an iron hand against the muslim hardliners. Your porkistani brothers don’t even spare the innocent minorities in their country! Sickular bastards!

  17. Absolutely, more so, because this is a free peaceful country as also mentioned in comments by a lot of peace loving people who believe in equality of all religions.

  18. People proposing to forgive the culprit being ignorant need to be fully ignored, discarded on the ground that culprit be punished at the earliest. If let of without proper justice such elements will poison the society which consists of peace loving human beings. Please stop your generosity. Be informed that punishment is the only alternate as deterrent theory is considered to be a good form of legal justice through out the world.

  19. This is for all the dumb, uneducated, unethical indians. Specially to Joy Batachcharya. Why on earth do you worship a cow and a elephant in your religion. You may know Islam, Christianity and Judaism share the same faith and principles no matter what the Istraelites di in Palestine! That’s political. Well, for you indians you talk big here, look at your country. The most vulnerable and poor has no food and shelter when the rich build mansions next to the slums. Is this called your great religion Hinduism. That has no value for humanity.

    • We worship all life. The reason for many in India being poor is because our country was looted first by the Islamic Invaders and then by the the British, for centuries. Memories die hard. Just look at how tolerant Islamic countries are of people of other Faiths. Don’t preach what you don’t practice.

  20. Are you threatning the great country Canada? What a joke. This is the modern day problem. Every donkey has a mobile device in its hand and don’t have the knowledge.

    Take care of India first. Because of Hindutva policy India has already gone 10 years backward and in another 10 years you all will start begging.

  21. Ravi Hooda chose his actions; now he must prepare to face the consequences of his actions.

    Hopefully his licence to run a Immigration service will be revoked, and he will be sent home to Bharat Mata, to feast on cow dung cakes and cow urine.


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