Jayalalithaa sings Aajaa Sanam Madhur Chandni Mein Hum, video with Simi Grewal goes viral


J Jayalalithaa, who died of cardiac arrest on Monday night was known for keeping media at a distance and did not give frequent interviews. This was primarily because of her deep-rooted belief that the members of the press fraternity were never kind to her. However, she did open up to few interviews during her political career, one of them being with Simi Grewal on the iconic show Rendezvous with Simi Grewal. 

The excerpts of this old interview have now gone viral particularly the portion where the ‘Iron Lady’ of Tamil Nadu politics is seen singing few lines from the Bollywood classic ‘Aajaa Sanam Madhur Chandni Mein Hum.’

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Among other things, Jayalalithaa also talked about her painful separation from her mother until she was 10.

She told Simi, “When I was about five, and she had come to Bangalore to see us, I always used to cry whenever she left, so she used to put me to sleep and I always used to sleep clutching her sari pallu in my hands. I used to wind it tight around my hand. So my mother used to find it impossible to get up and leave. So leaving the edge of the sari in my hand, she used to gradually unwind the sari from herself, and she used to make my aunt drape the sari around herself and lie down beside me so that I wouldn’t notice her leaving. And then of course when I got up and found that Mother was gone, I would cry and cry and cry, I used to be inconsolable for about three days. But after that there was school and other things and I would get over it. But throughout those four years when I was in Bangalore, I was pining for my mother every minute, every second.”

You can watch the interview below;






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