JioPhone vs JioPhone 2: Features you get different from original JioPhone at Rs 2,999


Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Thursday announced his company’s plans to launch JioPhone2 at an introductory price of Rs 2,999 on 15 August.

He also announced that the existing users of old Jio phone can get their hands on new phone from the company for just Rs 501. Ambani also added that the phone will have added features like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook. It would have a horizontal screen.

“Today, we are launching a brand new JioPhone scheme, JioPhone ‘Monsoon Hungama’. Under this offer, by exchanging your old feature phone, you can get a brand new JioPhone for an effective entry price of just Rs 501,” Ambani said.

Ambani said that starting on 15 August, anybody can purchase ‘our Jiophone2 at an introductory price of only Rs 2,999.’

Here is a quick comparison between both the devices:

  • Screen: Both – JioPhone and JioPhone 2 – sport a 2.4-inch screen, but in different orientation. While the JioPhone sports a vertical orientation screen, the screen in the JioPhone 2 is set to horizontal orientation, making it convenient for watching multimedia content.
  • Keyboard: The JioPhone features an alpha-numeric keyboard with 4-way navigation keys, whereas the JioPhone 2 features a full QWERTY keyboard with 4-way navigation key and a dedicated key for voice commands.
  • Operating system: Both the Jio phones run on Kai OS, a forked version of now discontinued Firefox OS. While the JioPhone 2 would come pre-installed with popular apps, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, the apps would be added to JioPhone sometime later as a software upgrade or side-loaded apps.

Here are other common features of the phones:

  • High definition voice calls: Both – JioPhone and JioPhone 2 – support VoLTE call feature, which allows voice calls using data packets, therefore allows high definition voice calls.
  • Voice commands: The phones can be operated using voice commands. The voice command feature is not limited to calling and messages, but also to operate the phone’s apps – music playback, YouTube and video playback, etc.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC): The phones come equipped with the NFC chip, which would support digital payments service in future. With NFC technology, users would also be able to make digital transactions through their Jan Dhan account, bank accounts and Jio money app.

Besides, Ambani also announced various other digital services saying that the company’s digital tools would predict and anticipate the needs of shoppers.

“JioGigaFiber will bring the entire marketplace to large screens powered by high speed broadband at home. We will also leverage Reliance Retail’s deep insights into Indian customers, large local presence, and best-in-class supply chain,” he said.

“We will invest in the best data analytics engines using artificial intelligence to bring a powerful offering to all consumers, merchants and small businesses.”

He added the company will also facilitate availability of financing to small shopkeepers and merchants to improve their capital efficiency, “so that they can become competitive and grow their businesses.”