Lodha Panel to Supreme Court: Sack certain BCCI office bearers, appoint GK Pillai as observer


Probing the irregularities in the working of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI, the Justice RM Lodha committee has asked the Supreme Court to sack certain office bearers of the BCCI and has recommended appointing ex-home secretary GK Pillai as the observer to supervise the administration of the cricketing body.

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In its report submitted to the Supreme Court on Monday, the panel also seeks SC’s nod to empower it to appoint the auditor and all necessary secretarial staff for assistance and fixing remuneration.

The Lodha Panel seeks GK Pillai’s appointment as the observer to supervise all BCCI’s operations, apart from overseeing the general working of the Indian cricket board.

The report said that several office bearers at both the BCCI and the state associations continue to hold the posts although they stand disqualified as per order.

BCCI is already showing its rift with the Lodha Panel recommendations after saying that it cannot implement all the measures suggested by the SC-appointed committee.

The Supreme Court is yet to give nod to the propositions put forth in the Justice Lodha panel’s report.

(With inputs from PTI)

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