Chauhan ‘appointed’ new DDCA working president


Qaiser Mohammad Ali


DDCA vice-president Chetan Chauhan has been “appointed” new working president of the association, the former India Test opener himself confirmed the development. Treasurer Ravinder Manchanda also confirmed Chauhan’s appointment.

Chauhan, who “replaces” president SP Bansal till the next DDCA AGM, has been “appointed” by a specific ‘resolution by circulation’ among the 27 directors of the Delhi and District Cricket Association, after it was set in motion by DDCA general secretary Anil Khanna.

“I have been given the responsibility to work as working president till such time the AGM takes place. I have been elected by a majority of 27 directors through a resolution by circulation,” Chauhan told late on Saturday evening.

Chetan Chauhan (right) has been appointed working president of the DDCA, replacing SP Bansal (left). Chauhan is a former India opening batsman and he played 40 Tests and 7 One-day internationals between 1969 and 1981.

A reliable source said that 17 out of the 27 directors approved and signed the resolution seeking to appoint Chauhan as working president. Ten directors have not signed so far, but they would also fall in line sooner than later, said the source. No one has opposed Chauhan so far.

However, to make the appointment of Chauhan effective, the DDCA executive will now have to ratify the resolution by circulation by a majority in meeting where they will have to be physically present. No date has been fixed for an executive meeting, but Chauhan might take charge either on Sunday or Monday.

While appointing Chauhan, the resolution “withdrew” the powers of Bansal, who has been charged with “temporary embezzlement”, which involves twice accepting reimbursement from both the BCCI and the DDCA for the same air tickets for attending a BCCI meeting as a DDCA representative.

While circulating the resolution, moved as per Companies Act 2013 and Rules 2014, Anil Khanna says in the paper that the present resolution, seeking transferring powers of the president from Bansal to Chauhan, would supersede all previous relevant resolutions.

The five-page resolution, in fact, contained two resolutions. The first one about Chauhan/Bansal read: “Resolved, that with reference to findings against Mr SP Bansal of the fact finding report of DDCA which can be termed as temporary embezzlement, twice taking the money knowingly for air-ticket to attend BCCI meeting from BCCI and DDCA for same ticket which can be termed as temporary embezzlement, not handing over of minutes books to the secretary general along with all statutory record in his custody such as CLB [Company Law Board]/ROC [Registrar of Companies] record etc. and lack of confidence of majority of the executive committee of DDCA in the president, Mr SP Bansal, and in interest of transparency and good governance in DDCA, the powers of Mr SP Bansal are withdrawn for the post of President DDCA and in his place Mr Chetan Chauhan is appointed as Working President with all powers of the President till such time all the issues of reported financial irregularities against Mr SP Bansal are resolved.”

The source said Khanna acted as per directions from “someone powerful” in the BJP-led central government.

“In DDCA, things either don’t move at all or move at a snail’s pace. But this resolution by circulation was moved just two days ago and by Saturday at least 17 directors had signed. Obviously, it is amply clear that they all signed on directions from ‘someone powerful’ in the government,” the source told

“This rapid development has taken place specifically in view of the India-South Africa Test match that is to be hosted by the DDCA from 3 December at the Ferozeshah Kotla. But the DDCA has no money to organise the match,” he said. “And the BCCI would not give the DDCA money because it has not submitted its balance-sheets for 2013-14 and 2014-15, without which the association can’t claim its due share from the Board.”

The source also informed that Chauhan’s name came up after CK Khanna, also a DDCA vice-president, declined the offer to be become working president.

Manchanda confirmed that Chauhan has been appointed working president. He hoped that the Test match would be played at the Kotla as per the schedule.

“Chauhan met Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia yesterday and we would be meeting chief minister Arvind Kejriwal in a few days to seek their blessings in organising the Test match,” Manchanda told

Manchanda was referring to the Rs 25 crore, comprising entertainment tax and penalty for not paying the tax over the years, that the Delhi government wants the DDCA to pay before giving permission to host the Test match.

“The BCCI would give us the money to organise the Test once we send the 2013-14 balance sheet to the Board. This balance sheet is ready,” Manchanda said.

One more resolution was circulated among the DDCA directors on Saturday. This one pertained to the DDCA’s sports working committee (SWC). Through this resolution the wings of the SWC have been clipped, said the source.

“The sports working committee was always supposed to take instructions from the executive committee, but lately it had exceeded its brief, thanks to patronage it received from certain DDCA bigwigs. But now, through Saturday’s resolution, its powers have been defined clearly, and it will have get everything approved by the executive committee,” said the source.