Did this couple morph photo to claim Everest record? Maharashtra Police orders probe


Police in Maharashtra have ordered an inquiry to investigate the complaints that a two of their own people may have conned the country by falsely claiming on the Everest feat.

Three weeks ago, Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod were celebrated for being the first couple to reach the Everest summit.

But their joy didn’t last for too long as eight fellow mountaineers from Maharashtra filed a complaint stating that the couple, who are police constables, was never at the summit and had, in fact, had morphed pictures of themselves at the top.

Mumbai’s Mid-Day quoted sources in the police department as saying, “After the mountaineers approached the commissioner, she spoke to a few experts and based on their opinion, directed the assistant commissioner to initiate a probe.” Pune Police Commissioner Rashmi Shukla refused to comment.

When asked about the inquiry and the morphed photographs, Tarkeshwari Rathod, said, “I cannot comment as the case is being investigated by the Pune police and the Nepal government.”
n 6 June it was widely reported that the Rathod couple had on 23 May touched the summit of Mount Everest together – the first couple to have done so.

On 16 June, mountaineers Anjali Kulkarni, Sharad Kulkarni, Surendra Shelke, Anand Bansode, Shrikant Chavan, Rupali Chavan, Manisha Waghmare and Amit Singh filed a complaint with police commissioner’s office against the Rathods, disputing their claim of having reached the Everest summit. Four of them then met the police commissioner on June 17. On Monday, June 27, the complainants were called in to record their statements.

Anjali said, “These are the biggest giveaways. The pictures are clearly morphed. The couple’s Himalayan suit colours and even their boots seem to have been changed at the summit. The colour of Dinesh Rathod’s down jacket is red and black in his individual summit photo, whereas in the couple’s summit photo his jacket colour is a yellow-orange. The same is the case with Tarkeshwari Rathod’s outfit. Both seem to have changed their climbing boots too in separate pictures. Being able to change one’s clothes mid-climb and not get frostbitten would be a miracle.”

(Photos and inputs from Mid Day)