Live TV debate interrupted by powerful earthquake, Video goes viral


The video of a live TV debate being interrupted by the powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border has now gone viral on social media platforms. The earthquake with 7.3 magnitude had left more than 400 people dead and scores inured both in Iran and the neighbouring Iraq.

In the viral video, a TV interview is seen interrupted as quakes hit the region.

A Rudaw TV reporter, based in Erbil, was conducting a live interview with a guest in Sulaimaniya when both were interrupted by the quake. The guest, who was visibly shaken by the tremors, can be seen abandoning the interview.

The panic-stricken guest is seen saying, “I think there’s an earthquake happening in Sulaimaniyah. There’s an earthquake here. I’m going go outside. I’m sorry.”

As he speaks, he is seen shaking profusely because of the effects of the tremor.

According to Iran’s state-run Irna news agency, the death toll in the recent earthquake had gone up to 407 while 6,700 people are reported to be injured.  Tremors were felt hundreds of miles away in both capitals, in Tehran and Baghdad.

The tremors were so powerful that they could be felt in Turkey, Israel and Kuwait.

The earthquake had also triggered landslides in the mountainous region along the Iran-Iraq border, also destroying buildings, shattering windows and sending people running for safety.