Just couple of minor incidents on Eid, says Jammu and Kashmir Police


The Jammu and Kashmir Police have said that the Eid celebrations in the valley went peacefully as they shared photos of Muslims performing namaaz in different mosques. A statement by the police said that there were only a couple of ‘localised’ incidents.

Eid celebrations

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“We just had a couple of minor localised incidents of law&order which was handled very professionally. In these incidents, there is only a couple of injury reported & otherwise situation in the entire valley is normal,” SP Pani, IG Kashmir was quoted by news agency ANI.

However, the mood among the locals remained subdued even on the day of their biggest festival. An NDTV report said that streets in Srinagar remained largely deserted under the ‘watchful eyes of the security personnel.’

The home ministry headed by Amit Shah said that 10,000 people gathered to perform their Eid prayers in Baramulla, while around 5,000 Muslims assembled in Bandipora to take part in the prayers.

The government had reimposed curfew in Srinagar on the eve of Eid on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Indian security forces on Monday rejected claims of a clash between the CRPF and the Jammu and Kashmir Police after a tweet by a Pakistani journalist. Terming the social media post ‘malicious, the paramilitary forces, according to Indian Express, said the Indian authorities had reported the controversial tweet for action.

Elsewhere, news agency Reuters reported quoting a spokesperson of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as saying that ‘any allegation of human rights abuses are concerning and must be investigated.’

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that India was passing through a deep crisis and urged the government to listen to the ‘voice of all’ to protect the idea of India.

Kashmir has been in a state of complete shutdown since the government announced its decision to do away with Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir last week. A BBC report last week showed police firing at protesters in Srinagar. Though the government called the report false, the British public broadcaster issued a statement defending its journalism.



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