Gujarat MP Liladhar Vaghela admitted in ICU after being attacked by stray cow, becomes butt of internet jokes


The ruling BJP has vociferously campaigned against the cow slaughter since Narendra Modi became the prime minister in 2014. The saffron party’s supporters even killed many innocent Muslims on suspicion of transporting cows for slaughtering purpose.

This has has quite an adverse impact on the cattle farming business with farmers being visibly shaken on the dangerous consequences of selling their bovine population. The issue has assumed an alarming proportion in north India more than any other parts of the country. Testament to his is ubiquitous presence of stray animals on the roads in cities, towns and villages in these parts of India, also known as cow-belt.

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh have often complained of facing damages to their crops by stray cattle since their owners have been unable to sell them for slaughtering purpose fearing reprisals from the Hindutva terrorists masquerading as cow vigilantes.

Now a high profile BJP MP has had to bear the brunt of a stray cow after he was attacked by one of them during his walk in Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s capital. Liladhar Vaghela, who has previously served as a minister in the state government before successfully contesting the Lok Sabha elections, was out for a walk in Sector 21 of the state capital, when a stray cow attacked him leaving him critically injured.

Such was the level of injuries sustained by Vaghela that the lawmaker had to be admitted in an ICU of the Apollo hospital. Doctors treating him at the Apollo Hospital said that Vaghela had sustained injuries to his ribs and head.

Quoting Vaghela’s members, local media in Gandhinagar also reported that Vaghela had suffered two fractures and clotting in his head. The clotting has been removed.

“My father is likely to remain in the hospital for another three-four days. Looking at his age, doctors have not put any plaster or bandage on his body. The injuries will heal with time,” Harshad Vaghela was quoted by Indian Express.

Meanwhile, the reports of Vaghela being attacked by a cow became a topic of intense social media conversation. Salman Nizami of the Congress party asked if cow too now will be declared ‘anti-national’ by the BJP. Preeti Sharma Menon of the AAP tweeted, “Karma comes full circle.” Journalist Shoaib Daniyal wrote, “As a result of theocratic laws against cow slaughter in many states, India is facing the truly unique problem of killer feral bovines.”

Hopefully, the central government will take urgent action to end the cow menace plaguing the busy roads of Indian cities and villages alike.