Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat slams Telangana’s caretaker CM KCR for poll schedule, calls it ‘preposterous and unacceptable’


The Election Commission on Friday slammed Telangana’s caretaker chief minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao’s announcement of poll schedule for the state.

Calling KCR’s announcement of the poll schedule ‘preposterous and unacceptable,’ Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat said, “In fact the Commission found it preposterous on the part of any political functionary to have come out any election schedule. Totally unacceptable.”

“The Commission in any such situation, when any House is prematurely dissolved, goes strictly by two things. First and foremost, the honourable Supreme Court’s ruling, special reference of 2002, where honourable Supreme Court has laid down that in case of House being dissolved prematurely, it should be the endeavour of the Election Commission to hold elections most immediately and on the first occasion available but in no case beyond six month of the date of dissolution.” Rawat told NDTV.

The CEC’s harsh words for KCR came after Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president N Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged match-fixing between the Election Commission and the caretaker chief minister. Reddy had questioned election schedule announcement by KCR.  He told reporters in Delhi, “Mr Rao also announced the schedule that elections will be held in November and the results will be out in December first week. If this is not match fixing what is it.”

KCR had recommended the dissolution of the state assembly on Thursday, paving way for an early assembly polls. Experts felt that the decision to advance the dates for the assembly polls before the Lok Sabha elections was to avoid a direct fight with Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

KCR on Thursday had astonishingly called Rahul the ‘biggest buffoon’ in the country. The Congress had hit back calling KCR a ‘hitler.’ The party’s RC Khuntia said, “If Rahul Gandhi’s visit (to Telangana) helps him (KCR) increase his votes, then this is good. Rahul Gandhi will visit (Telangana) time and again and help him increase his votes. He’s the biggest buffoon. He’s a dictator more than Hitler. A person, who has come from a movement, denies others from holding a dharna at Indira Chowk in Hyderabad.”

Khuntia also accused KCR of promoting his family. This comes after Rahul’s recent statement calling Telangana the ‘capital of corruption.’