“You’ve broken our hearts with your false promises” Open letter to PM Modi from a Gujarati teenager


Periwal Tushar

I’m a 19-year-old kid from Surat (the city which you flaunt off in your speeches). I watched your every election campaign speech before May’14. I always enjoy your electrifying speeches. If you get time, you should surely conduct a workshop for youngsters on ‘How to be a Master Orator?’.

You promised about ending corruption, building quality physical infrastructure, protecting women and uplifting the unprivileged. You said you would make India as good as Gujarat; this is what you wanted to imply If I’m not wrong. You wanted people to vote for you for the ‘Work’ you did in Gujarat. People showered their love and votes.

I write this letter with bitter frustration and anger. When I was in Grade III, four of my family members fell sick (because of those mosquito-borne diseases in Monsoon).

They had to be taken to our native place in Rajasthan. Why? Because the expenses of doctor and medicines were too much. Government hospitals in Surat were as good as not existing. Today the situation hasn’t changed much. Health-care in Surat is so expensive that even the NRI’s who visit Surat in winter crib about it.

Why didn’t you do anything in health care sector while you were head of Gujarat? I’ve heard that states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala have 1000 times better state run health care services. I’ve seen so many times how people in Gujarat go through difficulty because they can’t afford their medical expenses(in Gujarat).

I’ve studied in a private international school. No, my father isn’t a rich man. I belong to a average middle-class family. But my dad saved a lot of money from his earnings to give his son a proper schooling.

Not every kid in Gujarat is as lucky to have such a father. Government schools in Gujarat- you would feel ashamed if you try finding any.

First of all, the ratio of government schools to private schools in Gujarat is as high as 1:7(a newspaper article published it). The quality of teaching-it sucks, it sucks, it sucks.

G.S.E.B is the worst in its kind. Syllabus seems to be as ancient as the Vedas. It contains stupid curriculum and the quality of board exams and the examiners of it are the topics I’d rather not talk about.

States as poor and undeveloped as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have more people cracking IIT entrance and UPSC exams. Such candidates are rare to find in Gujarat. My anger is on the fact that you didn’t do anything about improving public schools in Gujarat. Lakhs of children in Gujarat are left at the mercy of monstrous private schools. Parents need to dole out lakhs of rupees as donation besides the crazy fees.

Let me forget about Management, Architecture, Engineering and Medicine. There are no commerce colleges in Gujarat. In Surat (the most developed city in Gujarat), the situation is grave. Thousands of candidates in Surat every year are unable to pursue B.Com in because of lack of colleges. Thousands can’t even do B.Com through correspondence because there are limited seats. Surat is the only city where the government has given reservation to the Majority.

85% seats in Surat’s Commerce College are reserved for candidates for applicants from State Board and the extra 15% seats are left at the mercy of College authorities. My friend with 88% in XII from ISC board couldn’t get admission in a college but a kid from G.S.E.B board (Gujarati Medium) could get it. Both of them are from General Category. Why does this happen only in Surat? I think you should tell the world that you would never end reservation.

You’re in favour of reservation; rather you have been using it as a tool to secure your votes in Surat. Cool trick, I’ve to say. Corruption and black money were important issues which you used to woo the voters. Let me say this; Corruption is a way of life in Gujarat.

People have to pay a bribe at R.T.O to get a licence or the cop’s moustache needs oil for police verification for Passport. R.T.O in Surat is a butcher’s house. Impossible to get things done unless you bribe them.

S.M.C repairs same road for five times in a year, yet the potholes erupt every time. Residents of Gujarat(ancestral money in so many cases) are filthily rich. Surat is a haven of black money. People were earning crores in Surat by hardly pay any taxes.

Most of the promises you made to gullible voters of this country sounded like a cruel joke to me. First fulfill the promises you’ve made to India, in Gujarat.

There is massive corruption in Gujarat’s government offices which your party couldn’t end despite 20 years of rule. Gujarat is a haven for black money. There is the dearth of necessary facilities in Gujarat like public schools, universities and public transport. I request you to get things done in Gujarat.

You broke my heart with the false promises you made to India, which you couldn’t even fulfill in Gujarat despite getting elected for three consecutive terms.

I’ve no idea what magic you’ve done on Media. None of them seems to report about crimes taking place in Gujarat. Crimes do occur in Gujarat but the only space they find is on page 6 of local newspapers. Similar crimes in Bihar form topics of discussion in prime time shows.

Asaram Bapu has seized land worth hundred of crores of rupees on the shores of Tapi on outskirts of Surat. That happened while you were in power. (In my knowledge) Till this day, his people are getting rent from stalls at that place. How could you let a rapist take away public’s land? Other than some tiny uproar in a local newspaper for a day, no one seems to care.

My request to you is very simple: – before you fulfill your election promises in India, fulfill them in Gujarat. Very expensive electricity, petrol and other essentials. Kindly make them affordable in Gujarat. End corruption in Gujarat. Make the super rich in Gujarat pay their fair share of taxes. Tell Asaram to return the public land.

Yours forever!

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