Yogi Adityanath loses cool in Kushinagar, threatens protesting public to stop ‘nautanki’


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday lost his cool while addressing the families of those children, who were killed in a bus accident in Kushinagar.

The families of those killed in accident at an unmanned rail crossing were reportedly protesting when Adityanath arrived. The aggrieved family members kept shouting slogans even in Adityanath’s presence. It was at this point that Adityanath reportedly lost his cool while threatening the aggrieved families.

“Stop this nautanki (theatrics). This is a sad occasion. I am telling you even now. Make a note of it,” he warned.

The video of Adityanath threatening the families in mourning evoked angry reactions from social media users. Journalist Prashant Kumar, who posted the video, asked the UP CM to show some ‘sympathy if not a promise to better things’ in his state.

Other social media users felt that the people of Uttar Pradesh had got what they deserved since they voted him to power with an overwhelming majority.

At least thirteen students of Divine Public School were killed and others were injured when a school bus collided with a train at an unmanned railway crossing in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar district on Thursday morning.