Yashwant Sinha denies making comments against Modi, here’s what he had said


Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Sunday sought to clarify that his perceived disparaging comments about Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ‘completely misunderstood.’

While attending a panel discussion in Goa’s Dona Paula on Saturday, Sinha had said without naming Modi, “The people of India will consign him to the dust, you just have to wait for the next elections.”

His comments were widely shared on social media as it was seen as the biggest ever attack against Modi by a BJP stalwart such as Sinha, who had served in Atal Bihari Vajpayee government.

Denying the comments being attributed to him, he said, “It is complete misinterpretation. Anyone who has reported this, has completely misunderstood what I have said.”

What’s the truth

In Goa, while answering a question about the present day culture of “I, me, myself” and it’s relevance for dialogue, Sinha had said, “The former minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government replied that elected representatives including to Parliament and Assemblies have to continuously go back to the people who elect them.”

Referring to the Emergency of 1975 Sinha further added, “We all know how the people of India reacted. So, there would be aberrations here, aberrations there, we might be very concerned about the present situation because some of these things according to us are taking place.

“But the great Indian society will take care of it and will consign to the dust those who do not believe in dialogue in India. The people of India will consign him to the dust, you just have to wait for the next elections.”

Sinha has been a part of the so-called rebel group within the BJP, now sidelined allegedly by Modi.

Sinha was also a part of those leaders who raised their voices against the BJP’s leadership soon after the party suffered a humiliating defeat in Bihar elections last year.