Women footballers depicted themselves as lesbians to avoid being raped by male officials: Former India captain


Former Indian women football team skipper Sona Chaudhary has made a sensational revelation that the female footballers used to depict themselves as lesbians to avoid being raped by male officials.

She has made many other shocking revelations in her book Game in Game, launched recently.

Speaking to ANI on Thursday, Chaudhry revealed that her book ‘ Game in Game’ was based on 90 percent facts.

She said, “To make sure that none of the officials raped us, the girls used to have affairs with each other and show that they were lesbians. The girls pretended to be in relationships with each other.”

Sona also said that the girls were mentally tortured to ensure they compromised with the officials.

Other than highlighting several other cases of sexual harassment in her book, Chaudhry also pointed out the problem faced by women footballers due to inadequacy of resources and infrastructure.

She said, “Today, we have support systems. But in our time, we did not have economic support systems. I am fighting for my players, my campaign is for them. My fight is with the system and not every player or coach is wrong.

“I have written about the things that are spoiling the system. I request you to see it in a large perspective. We have suffered a lot as far as getting adequate facilities are concerned. It is our duty as a sportsperson to ensure that the upcoming players need not have to suffer like us. So whatever I had faced, along with my teammates, have been put in this book. I have done the initiative,” she added.

Chaudhary, who began her career in 1994 and became Haryana’s best player, joined the women’s football team in 1995 and was appointed as the captain in a year’s time.