Woman travels to Delhi to sell kidney to meet demand of her lover


21-year-old Pushpa’s love knew no boundaries. She was even willing to sell one of her kidneys so that she could marry her man. Pushpa travelled to Delhi to sell her kidney for Rs 1.80 lakh to meet her lover’s demand.

Pushpa had been previously married at a younger age but her marriage ended in a divorce. After the divorce, Pushpa started living with her parents again.

During the stay she befriended a neighbour and soon both of them decided to get married. They became intimate during the relationship. The boy she loved worked in UP’s Muradabad district.

Pushpa fought with her parents and went to Muradabad to marry her boyfriend. That’s where the boy demanded money to get married as a condition. Pushpa said that her boyfriend demanded Rs 1.80 rupees in order to get married to her.

But Pushpa didn’t have the money, so she came to Delhi in order to sell her kidney in Delhi’s Lady Harding hospital. In the hospital she told a doctor about her wish to sell her kidney.

The doctor suspected her to be involved in a kidney racket and called Delhi Commission for Women’s 181 Women helpline number to ask for help. The police too was contacted.

A DCW team reached the hospital and heard her ordeal. A commission member counselled her and suggested she file a complaint with the police against the man.

The woman refused to do so and went back to Bihar with her parents.

The DCW has forwarded the details of her case to the Bihar Women Commission with a request to assist her in taking criminal action against the man.