‘Why do you want to rename Aurangzeb road to APJ Abdul Kalam road’, asks Delhi High Court to NDMC

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Delhi High Court has asked NDMC to explain the basis on which it had decided to rename Aurangzeb road to APJ Abdul Kalam road. This after a PIL was filed in the Court seeking to restrain NDMC from renaming Aurangzeb road.

A controversy had erupted on the renaming of Aurangzeb road after several online petions were filed questioning the decision.

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“We only need information with regard to any guidelines mandatory for such changes. File affidavit before September 22,” the bench said, while clarifying that it is not issuing any notice.

The ASG Sanjay Jain said, “In the present issue the change in name of the road is done keeping in mind the national figure. NDMC has unlimited power to make such changes.”

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The PIL further said the “act of altering the historical name was nothing but an outcome of sick and communal politics, which should not be allowed to have any place in India which homes thousand religious, cultural, social and political beliefs”.

The request to change the name was made by several netizens represented by BJP MP Mahesh Giri, Meenakshi Lekhi and Trade Wing secretary of Aam Aadmi


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