WATCH- Video of UP police DSP Ashok Kumar Dixit torturing Muslim couple goes viral, probe ordered


A video of UP police DSP Ashok Kumar Dixit torturing a Muslim couple inside a police station in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district. DCP Dixit was reported to have been deployed as DCP (Railways) at the time of his criminal act.

The incident, which reportedly took place on 12 October, has come as yet another example of just how cruel the men in uniform in Uttar Pradesh can be. In the video, Dixit is seen mercilessly thrashing the burqa-clad Muslim woman with lathi even as she pleads for mercy. Unaffected by her pleas, Dixit asks for bigger lathi before launching another round of brutal attack. This time he also thrashes the unidentified man, the woman’s companion while hurling choicest of abuses for the couple.

“Tere gande rishte hai iske saath? Yeh mujh se keh rahi hai, m*******d, ki unhone kya bataya hai ki main kaun hoon (Do you have adirty relationship with her? She asked me to tell her what you said your relationship with her was),” Dixit is heard as saying.

A Times of India reporter, who posted the video, said that ADG Railways Sanjay Singhal had taken cognisance of the incident based on the viral video and a probe against Ashok Dixit, who retired on 31 October, had been initiated. SP GRP Moradabad will be in-charge of the probe.

In September, a video of Uttar Pradesh cops lashing out at a Hindu girl for her decision to love a Muslim boy while physically assaulting her inside a police van had gone viral on social media.

In that video, a cop was seen attacking the girl for not falling in love with a Hindu boy and instead choosing a Muslim to be in a relationship. He was seen using vulgar language for his rant. The unnamed man in uniform from Meerut Police was heard saying, “You like Mullah more? When Hindu is here, you are taking Mullah’s?” This statement was made with heavy sexual connotation.

Cops in Uttar Pradesh have earned a fresh notoriety since Yogi Adityanath became the chief minister in March 2017. Adityanath, founder of the militant Hindu organisation Hindu Yuva Vahini, is known for harbouring hatred for Muslims before he became the chief minister.