WATCH- Rahul Gandhi hailed for rushing to help photographer as he falls at Bhubaneswar Airport


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday earned plaudits from social media users after a video of him rushing to help a photographer, who had fallen over at the Bhubaneswar Airport, went viral.

Rahul Gandhi

In video, a photographer is seen tripping over while clicking Gandhi’s photo. Gandhi, who had just arrived to take part in an event in the Odisha capital, immediately rushed to the photographer’s rescue.

Congress worker Hasiba Amin posted the video and wrote, “This video from Odhisa today. Look at how CP @RahulGandhi ran to pick up the photographer who fell. Now compare this with the time a cop passed out while Modi was giving a speech. He turned, saw, pretended like nothing happened and continued with his speech.”

Gandhi’s act earned him plenty of praises from social media users. User Shri Ram wrote, “He is good human. While modi has crony friends.” User Ejaz Ahmed said, “He’s a gentleman!” User Akash Kumar tweeted, “Modi hota toh 2-3 ko khud se dhakka maardeta. Aur phir khabar chalwata Congress ne mujhe marwane ki saazish ki.”

Many pointed out how Prime Minister Narendra Modi had continued with his speech when a police man had collapsed on stage during his public address. (Watch below)

While in Odisha, Gandhi attacked the RSS for destroying the democratic institutions and the Modi government’s failure to create employments in India, accusing it of ‘massacring’ the medium class businesses. He said that India was suffering from a serious job crisis.