WATCH! Maneka Gandhi’s chilling threat to Muslim voters, ‘vote for me or else..”


BJP’s candidate from Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur parliamentary constituency, Maneka Gandhi, has come under fire for allegedly threatening Muslim voters during an election meet. The video of Gandhi threatening Muslim voters has now gone viral on social media platforms.

Maneka Gandhi

In the video, Gandhi is seen addressing a group of Muslim voters with a threatening tone as she says, “I am winning with the help and love of people. But I wouldn’t like if my victory happens without the help of Muslims. I must tell you that then I feel bad. Then, when a Muslim comes to me for some work, I am inclined not to work (for Muslim). After all, jobs are also a deal. We are not the children of Mahatma Gandhi.”

She then went on to clarify her statement on Mahatma Gandhi further as she continued, “It’s not that we will only keep giving you but you will punish me in the elections. Is it true or not? I will win without you, I will win with your help too. This, you have to spread everywhere.”

Gandhi said that she would know whether Muslims had voted for her or not. She said, “When the results from your polling booth come and see only 50 or 100 votes in my favour, then I will also treat you in the same manner when you come to me for work (after I get elected).”

Maneka Gandhi’s comments have evoked strong criticism on social media.


In 2014, Maneka Gandhi had won from Pilibhit, while her son Varun Gandhi was elected from Sultanpur. However, this year, the BJP swapped their seats with Maneka contesting from Sultanpur and Varun being fielded from Pilibhit.