VIDEO- Train rams into people gathered for Dussehra celebrations in Amritsar, more than 50 feared dead


In a tragic incident, a train on Friday rammed into a gathering of people watchig Dussehra festival in Amritsar. More than 50 people are feared killed.

Quting an eyewitness, news agency ANI reported that the speeding train ran over several people during Dussehra celebrations, in Choura Bazar near Amritsar. Another eyewitness said, “The administration and the Dussehra committee are at fault, they should have raised an alarm when the train was approaching, they should have made sure that the train halts or slows down.”

“There are more than 50 casualties. We are evacuating people, injured taken to the hospital”, a policeman was quoted as saying.

The CPRO Northern Railway was quoted as saying, “At gate no. 27 b/w Amritsar and Manawala. As Dussehra celebration was taking place some incident had occurred& people started rushing towards closed gate number 27 while a DMU train number 74943 was passing the closed gate.”

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said that he was heading to the site of the accident to personally monitor relief and rescue efforts. He tweeted, “My government will give Rs. 5 lakh to kin of each deceased and free treatment to injured in government and private hospitals. District authorities have been mobilised on war footing.”

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