Video: Shocking incident of child abuse




In a shocking incident of child abuse, a audience member, Nandini Jay Chakvan, has sent us a video, where a man, presumably the child’s father, is seen as teaching his child.

The baby, around 2-3-yeard-old, is constantly crying with books strewn in from him. The man, who many would describe a monster after watching this video, then swings his right leg and hits the baby, who is thrown then to a corner, away from the camera.

Frightened by the prospects of more violence from this ‘monster’ the baby recovers himself and and tries to read again. But the man kicks him even harder and this continues for two minutes and 25 seconds. He then lifts the baby in the air and furiously squeezes his neck, as if to kill him, before violently throwing him down.

We don’t know what happened to the baby after that because the person who is filming this video secretly moves away from the scene.

The video is very graphic in nature and viewers’ discretion is required. The purpose behind sharing this video to identify the monster.