Uttarakhand education minister insults female teacher, then insults himself with crazy math formula


Uttarakhand Education Minister Arvind Pandey may not be a very popular name in the Indian politics. The 45-year-old BJP politician with criminal past recently became the state’s education minister after BJP won a landslide in the assembly polls.

The minister arrived at a school for a surprise inspection, where a female teacher was teaching chemistry to her class 8 students. Pandey needed to justify his appointment as the state’s new education minister, so he decided to test the teacher’s knowledge on arithmetic instead.

Using disparaging tone, the minister told the teacher that (-)+(-) resulted in (+). This crazy math formula was the minister’s discovery and he looks destined to earn a prestigious government honour for the revolutionary discovery.

Next he asked the teacher, once again using insulting tone, how much would minus one and minus one (-1) + (-1) add up to. Of course, the correct answer would be (-2), but not to this minister, who said the correct answer was 0. Perhaps the minister accidentally revealed the marks (0) he may have scored in his school or college exams.

But not everyone is amused by Pandey’s latest discovery in the world of mathematics. Teachers’ bodies in Uttarakhand are incensed not because of Pandey’s lack of knowledge on simple arithmetic, but also on his appointment as the state’s education minister.

“What the honourable minister did to our sister teacher in Dehradun, the other day is an insult to the entire teaching fraternity in the state,” said Gokul Mataulia, the present of teachers’ association.