Upright Delhi Police officer, who stopped Hindutva goon from bullying Muslim man, suspended


The Delhi Police have suspended an upright officer, who had bravely stopped a Hindutva goon from bullying a Muslim man in the national capital. The video of CP Bhardwaj reprimanding a Hindutva goon for intimidating a Muslim man had gone viral on the internet, earning him widespread plaudits from netizens.

According to news agency ANI, Adarsh Nagar SHO CP Bhardwaj was suspended for ‘lack of duty compliance and in view of several complaints against him.’

In the viral video, a Hindutva goon was seen intimidating a Muslim over the construction of a mazar (shrine) adjacent to a flyover. Even though the Muslim man said that he had no role in the construction of the mazar and it was built by his ancestors, the Hindutva goon continued to intimidate him.

This had prompted SHO Bharadwaj to confront the Hindutva goon, warning him to not bully a fellow citizen. Bharadwaj had said that the Hindutva goon was free to make his representation before a government body if he felt aggrieved but he had no business to take the law in his hands.

He had said, “Gentleman, who has given you the right to pressurise an Indian citizen?”

The goon had refused to pay heed to the upright cop’s warning, forcing the officer to detain him.